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Welcome to the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2022

Active Surrey is proud to present the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games at the Surrey Sports Park.  

We are the only place in the UK to have an event quite like the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games where beginners can try a new activity for free, thanks to our sponsors and the two months of training provided by borough and district councils. 

Below you'll find everything you need to know to have a great day at the Games.Please register at your child's activity in plenty of time.

We hope your son or daughter enjoys their day; we wish them luck as they help their squad compete for the Gerry Ceaser Spirit of the Games Award and hope they continue with their new activity habit.

REMEMBER: be sunsafe and carry a refillable water bottle.

What do you want to know?


Timetable of activities, Sat June 18

See Rules


Registration time

Approx finish 1


Outside show court




Arena C

9.45am 2

4pm 2

Girls' football

Artificial pitch 1




Squash courts


2pm 3

Judo: morning

Arenas A&B



Judo: afternoon

Arenas A&B





10.15am (register outside)



Outside hard courts



Family Zone

Grass pitch A1, next to girls' football



Table notes

1. All finish times are approximate (dependent on final team numbers) and include time for awarding certificates for participation
2. Dance rehearsals during morning. Performances run from 1.30pm
3. Group run for GoTri sets off at 1.30pm, starting and ending by seating above the Family Zone (grass pitch A1)

Map of activity locations & travel

Please remember that there is no parking on site except for blue badge holders (who need to register at reception to avoid a penalty ticket).

Access to the Surrey Sports Park site is by foot, bike or via the Games' free Park & Ride service from Stagecoach, which runs every 7-8 minutes to and from the nearby University of Surrey - signposted from A3. (Starts 8am, ends 5.30pm. Postcode for satnav GU2 7JP.)

Once you've arrived, please sign in for your event as soon as registration opens - see schedule above.

S S P exterior map
S S P interior map

Your borough and district squad officer

If your son or daughter falls ill on Games day or you have some other emergency please contact your squad organiser by phone to let them know, so they can advise their teamates and the activity organiser. 

Borough / district

B/D squad officer

Mobile no.

Email (for contact before Fri 17 June)

T shirt colour


Jake Walton

07814 644200

Dark blue 

Epsom & Ewell

Oli Winter

07738 398723

Royal blue 


Amber Sheppard

07792 754691


Mole Valley

Oli Winter

07738 398723

Dark green 

Reigate & Banstead

Fran Strange

07867 323048



Anthony Jones

07471 337380



Morgan Brownlow

07939 244545

Light pink 

Surrey Heath

Craig Alford

07836 668654

Dark pink 


Alexia Sibthorpe

07881 625866

Light green 


Sally Seymour

07810 853463



Jack Gallop

07458 008825

Light blue 


S S Y G official in orange shirt with whistle

Photography / video policy

Safeguarding is a serious concern at the Games. No-one wants other people taking shots of their child, so please respect others' privacy and follow the points below:

  • Only take photos of your own son or daughter unless you have sought permission for other children in the shot.
  • No photography allowed anywhere in pool or in judo hall (except for official photographers).
  • Never photograph anyone wearing a yellow wristband (shoeband in basketball). 
  • Don't share any extra info alongside an image when posting online, such as a name.
  • To help protect children we reserve the right to challenge anyone taking photos and encourage you to politely do the same.


Summary codes of conduct


Lead the players in respecting teammates, opponents, officials and supporters.  Encourage fair play.  Take responsibility for the young people in your care until they have safely left the event.


Play for fun.  Do your best and support your teammates.  Wear the right kit, play by the rules and respect officials‘ decisions, as well as your opponents.  Be a good sport by winning or losing with dignity. Tell your coach if you need to leave the event early. Thank officials, coaches and your opponents.

Parents and spectators

Ensure your child plays for their fun, not anybody else’s.  Teach respect for opponents and the officials’ decisions, particularly younger volunteer officials who may still be training.  Promote fairness and please applaud all good play, whichever team is involved.  Be positive about your child’s performance but never ridicule competitors. Never use bad language. Smile, and enjoy watching your child fulfill their potential.

The Activity Organiser who is in charge of matches / games has the power to stop the event to deal with offending competitors or spectators.  This could include removal of the offender(s), forfeit of matches, disqualification or, in severe cases, reporting to the police.


Safeguarding & accidents

Please note the photography policy above - in particular do not take a photo of any child with a yellow wrist/ shoeband.

Safeguarding is everyone's issue where children are concerned. Report any concerns over a child you feel may be at risk to a member of the Event Staff (in Active Surrey orange polo shirts, usually marked ‘Event Staff’,) or contact Active Surrey’s Safeguarding Officer, Lawrie Baker, directly on 07791 383733.

Accidents should be reported to any Official (in any orange shirt) who can call a trained first aider if required.


disabled teen girl wearing hijab on climbing wall

Make time for the Family Zone!

Alongside any Games event in which your child may be taking part, make time after it to visit the Family Zone, on the grass just after the artificial pitches (below the Starbucks terrace). Lots to try including:


Hoverball archery

Circus skills

Obstacle course

Jiu Jitsu

Football & rugby skills

Tai Chi

...and much more


Additional information

Win a £40 Amazon voucher

Once you're back home. we'd like to know what you and your son or daughter think about your local council's free training and the Games day, so that we can improve future events.  To say thank you, you'll have the chance to enter a prize draw to win a £40 Amazon voucher.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family at the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games!