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camp provider S4K with two young boys in yellow football bibs

Interested in running a camp?

We're lucky to have a committed, caring team of providers offering high quality activities and food to children eligible for the government's HAF programme. This video tells you a little more about the role of Club 4 - Surrey's version of HAF - in this video. 

Funding is only available to organisations on the preferred suppliers list. If you think your organisation could meet the high standards expected we'd welcome your application to join us by completing an initial form and submitting compliance documents listed in the guidance document, which you should read fully before applying.  

Dates for new organisations to join are as follows:  

  • 29 May – 21 June 2023 for Christmas 2023 

Decisions will be communicated 2-3 weeks after the application window closes. 

Our current providers

We have well over 100 organisations running Club4 camps in Surrey. You'll find contact details for all of them on our preferred supplier list.

Please note that providers may be running camps in multiple locations, so ensure you know the provider name before strarting your search, not just where the camp is based.

Still got questions about becoming a Club4 supplier?

We're always happy to hear from other high quality suppliers who want to help us provide Surrey's young people with unforgettable 'Club4' experiences as part of the national HAF programme. If you have further questions please contact