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Due to current restrictions on physical distancing we have suspended delivery of our regular programme until we receive further guidance from government / DfE and Youth Sports Trust. This will include,  Sports Crew & PhysiFUN Champions Training as well as My First Steps and the Gifted & Talented leadership academy.

In order to support the development of your pupils and to help provide intra school opportunities please see details of our new virtual Sports Organiser Squad training, available from the end of October 2020. 

You can also access the PhysiFUN at Home videos and PhysiFUN at Home cards which have been adapted so that the games can be delivered at home with minimal space or equipment. 

Girl and boy playing game during sports crew training

Sports Crew Training

A 3-hour training session for pupils in Year 5 & 6 to develop leadership, resilience, character and confidence, and become sports ambassadors within their school.  

  • Understand and adopt the STEP principle to deliver activity sessions for others
  • Recognise the skills and qualities of a good leader
  • Understand the need to work as a team when completing group activities
  • Adopt practical examples to embrace a growth mind-set
  • Reflect on learning through practical application and peer feedback

How to deploy your Sports Crew at School

  1. Plan and lead activities in the playground to engage all – values festivals, personal challenges
  2. Progress skills through responsibility, such as setting up equipment for clubs, PE lessons and assist delivery where appropriate
  3. Pupil voice responsibilities – find out what their peers would like to take part in
  4. Raise the profile of PE and school sport across the school – assemblies, newsletter articles

Cost:  £180 for 10 leaders