Dangers of Inactivity
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Why children should sit less and move more

Why children should sit less and move more

Sitting too much and moving too little has real implications for our health and ability to concentrate, whatever our age. It's particularly important to consider the effect on children who risk being conditioned to sit for hours of the day at school and whose exposure to modern technology reinforces the behaviour at home. 

The Active Schools Movement has been designed to fit around school needs, in order to meet the Chief Medical Officer guidelines that ‘young people should aim for 60 minutes of physical activity spread throughout the day’. The AS Movement provides support & guidance for achieving 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes outside of the curriculum. Unfortunately, the stark reality at the moment is we are nowhere near to reaching this goal as the national Active Lives research for children shows.

To get a different view of the problem, view Dr William Bird's presentation on the dangers sedentary lifestyles  pose for all of us.