Your workplace, your fit

Fitting physical activity into your daily routine is the way to go, according to the evidence. Swapping the car for walking and cycling is great for your health, and the environment. There are other benefits too. Improved health and wellbeing and increased productivity are just a couple identified by the transport charity Sustrans

That’s why we’re working with employers to help staff travel more sustainably. Read on for the support measures available that could help your workforce be more active.

Sustainable travel rewards

The free BetterPoints smartphone app is available for download by anyone in Surrey aged 14+ and rewards them for travelling by walking, cycling or public transport instead of by car. Reward points that are earned can either be exchanged for vouchers to spend in high street stores or donated to charity.

Cycle training

The council’s workplace cycle training sessions are great for adults who are less confident cycling as they may not have ridden a bike for many years or never received formal training as a child.

Walking and cycling maps and information guides

The council provides an interactive map of cycle facilities across the county and a list of recommended leisure routes some of which could be incorporated into journeys to and from work.

Community bus

Evidence shows that public transport users are more active than drivers. The council’s Digital Demand Responsive Transport, known as “Surrey connect”, uses a fleet of battery electric powered minibuses to help Surrey residents with their travel in Mole Valley and Tandridge districts as well as Cranleigh, Farnham, Longcross, and West Guildford. The service is available to book through the “Surrey connect” website or app or via a booking line. It groups customers together to allow them to share a bus service to locations that are often not easily accessed by standard public bus services.”

Many bus fares are capped at £2 or less

Until December 2024, many single adult bus tickets are capped at £2. On Transport for London buses it’s £1.75. Buses are the UK’s most popular form of public transport and there are dozens of routes connecting locations across Surrey. Traveline can help find the best routes for a journey using the most up to date information from around Surrey and beyond for all transport companies."

Discounted bus travel

The council provides travel passes enabling free or discounted or bus travel for several groups of residents in the county including for students and people aged 20 and under.

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