girl shooting at goal

Helping all ages through the Girls’ Football Partnership

Football isn’t just a tool for physical literacy; it develops other skills, from teamwork to leadership and builds confidence.  Yet girls don’t always get the opportunities to play that readily exist for boys.

The mission of the Girls’ Football Partnership is to change that. We’ve arranged for all Surrey schools to be part of the programme automatically so we can build a thriving, local girls' football scene. All you need to do to take advantage of the help on offer is contact Sarah Williams who will sign post you to the right opportunity for your school

What does the programme mean for MY pupils?

Whatever age of children you work with, the Girls Football Partnership offers a package of free training, resources and support to get your girls enjoying the game and associated skills.

You or someone in your school simply needs to register onto the national Girls' Football in schools website. In return this is what you can expect:


FA Shooting Stars

Using storytelling with a Disney theme, the Active Play part of the primary offer gives ages 5-7 activities linked to KS1 English to improve their physical, listening and speaking skills.

For KS2, this is further developed with Disney stories and superhero physical challenges delivered through Girls’ Football Clubs after school, which introduce basic footballing skills.

For girls who want further opportunities outside school, we can supply details of your nearest FA Wildcats club


Game On

Teachers receive training to engage girls’ in curriculum PE through a life skills approach, using football as the vehicle.

Pupils can develop their leadership skills and become girls’ football activators, helping establish, deliver and support extra-curricular footy sessions.

Alongside delivery, the scheme offers opportunities to develop marketing and communication skills.