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Friday Night Projects (FNP's)

Friday Night Projects are multi-sport and activity sessions primarily designed for young people aged 11 – 16. Owing to the success of the first few trial clubs there are more and more of them appearing across Surrey - and they no longer just happen on Fridays!

The sessions are subsidised to encourage all of those who want to come along to get involved, with the entry price normally between £1 - £4 for around two hours. They provide a safe space for young people to hang out with mates or make new friends while trying activities such as football, badminton, dance, dodgeball and many others.

All projects are supported by established leisure and community centres to help young people have an environment that they can make their own - there's no need to 'join' anything, pre-book or commit to every week - it's strictly pay to play.

How do FNPs work?

The projects are initially set up with funding from Sport England and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey who recognises the need for young people to have an interest outside of formal sports clubs where they can stay active and meet friends in a safe environment. 

All centres complete an initial consultation with young people in the area to identify the need. After an initial term-time only delivery period of around 30 weeks, the hope is that FNP's can become self financing.

How do FNPs help their communities?

As well as keeping young people safe, each Project is encouraged to think about how they can support improved wellbeing and bring communities together.

young girl about to throw dodgeball
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Interested for your area?

If you would like to create, deliver or host a Friday Night Project or believe there is a clear need for one in your area , please contact our Active Communities Officer Farran Leach