Children helping each other to do sit ups

First Steps to Leadership Training

A two hour training session at your school, for 10 aspiring leaders in year 2.  First Step leaders will learn in a practical environment, where they will be taught what makes a good leader and how to make sure everyone is taking part in the activities whilst having fun.

  • Explore the skills and qualities of a good sports leader
  • Learn why teamwork is important and how to ensure everyone is engaged and having fun
  • Explore the importance of warming up the body and the mind ready for physical activity
  • Understand ways to improve activities by using the Mr NEDD principle (name, explain, demonstrate, deliver)
  • Design and run a warm-up game for the group

How to deploy your First Step leaders in school

  1. Co - deliver playground PhysiFUN games for pupils (assisted by support staff)
  2. Collect and return equipment from PE cupboard for games, PE lessons
  3. Pupil voice responsibilities – find out what their peers would like to take part in
  4. Raise the profile of PE and school sport across the school – assemblies, newsletter articles

Cost for up to 10 leaders: £215 for Active Schools members / £260 for non-members