Already had a fall?

If you have had a fall, find out more about instructor-led Otago strength and balance classes in your area. Classes are local, sociable and will help reduce the likelihood of you falling again.

We suggest Otago for those who need help after a fall as it's a worldwide, evidenced approach recommended by health care professionals.

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Strength & balance exercises to do at home

Fall-proof can improve your strength and balance, help to maintain your independence, and keep you out and about doing the things you love to do.

The Fall-proof strength and balance plan is an easy-to-follow guide and comes with a booklet and reminder cards to prompt you to work on your strength and balance when you're doing everyday activities. 

Regardless of your age, building these simple exercises into your daily routine will make everyday jobs easier and help to keep you steady and strong so that you can continue to get the most out of life. Remember to start slow and stop if you feel unwell at any point.

We'd love to hear what you think of Fall-proof so feel free to email us once you've been trying the exercises for a while.  

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Fall-proof exercise booklet

This booklet includes: 

  • ‘How are you doing now?’ A ‘sit to stand up’ self-check challenge that you can try at home.
  • Six simple exercises you can do alongside other activity, to keep you feeling younger and stronger
  • A progress chart to fill in to keep tabs on your progress - and maybe share with friends to compare!

Download the exercise booklet (2.4MB)

fall proof prompt cards

Fall-proof prompt cards

You can place these small 'move to improve' prompt cards around your home to remind you to take 30 seconds to exercise when you're doing everyday jobs like waiting for the microwave to finish, making a cuppa, watching TV... 

Simply, print it, fold it, keep it!

Download & print the reminder cards (1.3MB)

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Fall-proof exercise video

This video will give you extra help so you can see how to do the exercises you'll find in the Fall-proof booklet.

Give them a quick watch if you are unsure of how to do any of your six exercises.

Watch the video on YouTube


(This video and other Fall-proof materials were developed by our colleagues at Active Gloucestershire and are used under a creative commons licence.)

Want to find a new class or activity instead?

If you want something that gets you out of the house, activities such as Nordic walking, racquet sports and resistance training, tai chi, pilates and yoga can help maintain or improve strength, balance and bone health. 

You can find details of sessions and clubs in your area on Connect to Support Surrey. Your local council will also have details of the classes held in its leisure centres and things like walking groups on its website.

Otago strength and balance classes

Keeping active and moving every day are vital to maintain muscle strength and reduce your fall risk. If you have had a fall or are at risk of falls and prefer to be taken through exercises face-to-face, Otago classes can help you build your strength, balance and confidence.

Classes are simple but fun and sociable. Watch the video below to hear from Pat about how classes helped her, and click on the button in the section below to find your nearest class.


If Otago classes aren't currently running in your area and you're not sure you can manage all of the Fall-proof exercises contained in the booklet above, check out these six simple balance exercises which can be undertaken by most people who are able to stand for a short while.