Surrey School Games
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What are the Surrey School Games?

The Surrey School Games are a programme of events delivered through district sport associations, Active Surrey and its partners that give all pupils the opportunity to take part, regardless of ability.


The Surrey School Games will make clear and meaningful improvements to pupil’s well-being through a programme of events. 

Surrey School Games target outcomes
  1. Create positive physical activity and school sport experiences for less active young people.
  2. Use physical activity and school sport to improve the wider development and life skills of young people.
  3. Influence school physical activity and school sport systems to become sustainable.
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How can your school get involved?

The Surrey School Games provide opportunities for young people across the county to get active and have fun. All schools can access the 'district offer', which is provided in conjunction with their School Sport Association, while some schools will be invited to participate in the 'county' offer:

District offer (with School Sports Associations)

All schools can access a district competition calendar, co-produced by their School Sports Association and Active Surrey which will give your pupils a positive experience of sport, physical activity and competition and help you to engage parents. The calendar meets the needs of all young people through the competition levels below - though some events will be suitable for all:

  • Inspire - An event targeted at the least-active/engaged with emphasis on participation/trying new activities/skills or no / low-level competition. Certificates and values celebrated. Not suitable for A team players who have represented the school in football, netball or district sports.
  • Aspire - Competitions targeting the semi-sporty, B teams, often A teams from single-entry schools. These events also include festivals that aren't specifically targeted to the less-engaged.
  • Higher - Competitions for the most-engaged/active and/or higher ability. Sometimes are pathway events leading to county finals. These events will suit children who compete at the highest level available.

The levels may also help identify talent and offer links to local clubs.

To get involved in opportunities within your district, contact the Chair of your District School Sports Association or your designated Lead Officer in the Active Schools team, who will give you their details. 

County offer

The county offer is more targeted, with provision aimed at supporting groups of young people in specific schools, based on their development needs. Focusing on certain groups means a greater impact on those who have the most to gain.  

Competitions and events are designed to allow focus on the development needs of young people across four key areas:

  • Physical development - A focus on physical activity and competition to support the development of young people’s motor skills. Emphasises both direct, and long term health benefits. 
  • Personal development – Focusing on the positive role physical activity and competition has to develop leadership skills and increase self-awareness. Enhancing the quality of life and young people's awareness of who they are and what they can achieve. 
  • Social development – Focused on providing a sense of belonging, developing skills such as teamwork, communication and respect for others and society.
  • Emotional development – Focusing on the improvement of young people’s self-esteem: reducing stress,  supporting their mental wellbeing and building their resilience while growing their understanding of other’s feelings.

The Surrey School Games are more than sport and competition. We actively promote the Spirit of the School Games which provides opportunities to develop leadership through volunteering, officiating, being a role model and so much more.

For more information on our County Events please send an email to our events officer

County events & participation

Preparing for a county event

Leadership opportunities
(for Secondary pupils)

The School Games values

We actively promote the School Games values which are an important element of the programme. We embed them into our sports leadership training to encourage young leaders to demonstrate them and promote their use as a way of celebrating success when participants display them during activities. 

To purchase School Games values stickers for your pupils please email

The 7 school games values - honesty, teamwork, self belief, respect, passion, determination, eco-friendly

Our partners

School Games partners June 2021: Team GB, The British Paralympic Association, Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport, Change4life, Sport England and National Lottery Funded, Youth Sport Trust