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About the team

The Active Surrey team are driven by the life-changing impact that moving more can have on the people and communities of Surrey,  from better health to crime reduction, and from improved wellbeing to a better environment.  See who's who in the team.

We are committed to creating diversity in our sector. We have set ourselves a challenging ambition for a diverse board, team and sector. We expect the highest standards as illustrated by our values:


If you feel that we've failed to live up to our values, we'd welcome any feedback. You can contact us online but you may also like to check out our complaints policy.

Our board

You can find out more about the board’s operating policies and its role in overseeing the work of the team and providing strategic direction in our Governance page.

  • Richard Gray – Chair of the Board (Independent)
  • Born Barikor – (Independent)
  • Clare Burgess – (Independent)
  • Ian Burrows – Youth Games Lead (Nominated - SSLOG)
  • John Cunningham – Senior Independent Board Member, Safeguarding Lead, Finance Lead - (Independent)
  • Paul Dimmock – (Independent)
  • Elizabeth Duggan – Managing Director, Active Surrey (ex officio)
  • Abbie Lench – Diversity Lead, Women & Girls Co-Lead (Independent)
  • Kerry McDonald – Commercial Lead (Independent)
  • Katie Stewart – Environment Lead (Nominated – SCC Senior Staff)
  • Rebecca Trumper – Governance Lead, Women & Girls Co-Lead (Independent)
  • Cllr Julie Iles – Education Lead (Nominated – SCC Cabinet)

More information on the Active Surrey board