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Easy booking

If your child is eligible for benefit-related free school meals, their school should automatically send you an Evoucher via email/text. 

The voucher contains a unique code for each child, plus a link to a booking system where you can search for a nearby camp and book a place. Spaces are limited so please ONLY book if you are sure your child will attend, otherwise another family will miss out.

If you don't currently receive benefit-related free school meals but think you might be eligible, please click here. 

Your local camps

We’re working with providers large and small to run Club4 holiday camps across Surrey, with more camps operating in the areas where they're needed most. Use the map to find a camp near you, and click on a tick to get more info - there's a guide to the colour of the ticks below the map.

Every camp runs slightly differently depending on their size, location, dates of operation and age of attendees. But all of them offer at least one healthy meal a day and feature fun activities that keep kids active (and help them sleep at night...).

To view the privacy notice for the Holiday Activities booking platform, please click here.

If your child is ill or a change of plans means they can't attend for ANY reason, please contact your camp provider directly to let them know. Your child's place may really help another family.

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Any child who gets free school meals as a result of their family receiving certain government- related benefits can attend the camps, from infant-school age to those in secondary education - so broadly 4-16 years old if still in education ALL children in infant schools from Reception to Year 2 get free school meals regardless of income. Children are eligible only if their parent / carer receives certain income related benefits.
The camps are being run by different providers, coordinated by Active Surrey on behalf of Surrey County Council. Some will be established camps which always run in the school holidays and are open to everyone, while others are being run exclusively for Club4 children by community groups and clubs. All of them will provide food and activities.
Camps are taking place in every borough and district of Surrey.

Yes, the camps are fully funded for those who receive benefit-related free school meals.

Each camp will have its own opening hours and dates.
Numbers will vary depending on how large the site is, the providers’ staffing capabilities and how many other children are booked in for any single day.
Some camps will be tailored to primary or secondary age groups while others will be
mixed. You’ll be able to find out more about the age groups for each camp when using the Evoucher login which you'll be sent.
Young people will be engaged in games and activities that require them to stay active, often outside, so suitable clothing and footwear will be needed each day (coats, hats etc). No specialist equipment will generally be needed unless your provider contacts you to advise that a change of clothes, footwear etc may be a good idea for a particular activity. Filled personal water bottles WILL be needed. Please ensure your child’s name is marked on any item they are sent with and leave phones or other valuables at home as providers, Active Surrey and Surrey County Council won’t be liable for items lost or broken.


If you are eligible for benefits-related free school meals, you will receive a voucher from your school. On this voucher there is a link to a booking system to search for camps and book places. If you are not eligible for benefits related free school meals but think you might be please visit this website to see if you qualify.
Please only book onto a camp that you know your child can attend as they will otherwise be taking up a place that could be allocated to another child. However, we realise that things can crop up which alter plans so please contact the camp provider you have booked the place with to let them know about cancelling or amending your child’s place, s it could really help another family.
There is a limit per main school holiday period. At Easter and Christmas, a maximum of 4 days is available to each eligible child and in the Summer 16 days are available to book. But please only book days that you are certain your child can attend, as booked but unused places will see another child miss out as spaces are limited.
The camps listed are all of those that are taking place and are available to eligible families on a first come, first served basis. However, it may be worth checking back on the site with the provider, using the details given, in case someone has cancelled a place that they’d previously booked. You can register for a waiting list for a place at that camp via the Evoucher booking system.
If suitable camps in other areas of Surrey have spaces, your child is welcome to attend those, provided you can arrange transport.
We also have some 'virtual' suggestions to keep your son or daughter busy over the holiday. Check out the links to some ideas for Primary, Secondary and Additional Needs pupils below. 
In the first instance, please contact the camp provider to discuss the situation. If they are unable to help then please contact HAF@surreycc.gov.uk and we will do our best to assist.


This will depend on the camp. In most cases a hot meal will be provided. In some camps more than one meal or snack may be offered, depending on the facilities available.
Camp providers will request specific dietary needs and food allergies when parents make a booking. Part of the Club4 experience is also about providing food education to the children at camp.

Additional Needs

Club4 is open to all eligible children in Reception to School Year 11 and we have made sure all activities are as inclusive and accessible as possible. We have made available online AND training to our providers so that they can have a basic understanding to help them support the children and young people they are working with.

The Club4 programme is fully inclusive and children and young people who need direct 1:1 support or an enhanced staff ratio are welcome to attend suitable Club4 activities. If your child has a personal assistant or 1:1 support already, they will be welcome to join your child or young person - you will need to speak directly to the activity provider to arrange this – everything is considered on an individual basis. They will need to have the usual DBS and other checks. If your child doesn’t have a 1:1 outside of school but will need one to attend the activities, there are several options:

  • Some camps will be able to provide additional staff to support your child. This will be done on an individual basis. Providers will need to know information about your child’s strengths and needs and how best they can be supported before they join the camp.
  • For other providers, options for 1:1 support will be looked at individually and work will be done to consider how best 1:1 support can be delivered. For some activities this might be difficult, but each provider will tell you about this once they know more about your child’s needs. 1:1 support shouldn’t be a barrier to your child joining an activity and we will do our best to work closely with you and know as much about your child or young person as possible, in advance. Please ensure that any additional needs are disclosed on the booking form.


Couldn't get a place? Stay busy over the holidays

If your local camp is full or your child can't attend for another reason, we've compiled a list of 'at home' activities for children during the school holidays. If you need inspiration to help keep them busy, check out the links below.

Primary aged children

Keep children busy, active and entertained with these great ideas for 5 to 11 year olds

Secondary pupils / teens

Banish boredom and inactivity with ideas for young people aged 11+

Additional needs pupils

Stay busy with these specially inclusive activities for those who need extra support

Christmas activities

Fun ways to keep your children entertained and busy over the Christmas Holidays. 

Easter activities

Fun ways to help keep your children entertained during the busy Easter holidays

Summer activities

Fun ways to help keep your children entertained during the long Summer holidays.


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Need an additional helping hand?

Raising a family is never easy, so if you need help and support, check out the organisations (local and national) listed on our extra help for families sheet.