Support our vision

Support our vision

Our mission is empowering the residents of Surrey to move more and to realise the mental and physical benefits of leading an active lifestyle. To support our mission, our collaborative work with commercial partners is vital.

We are constantly looking to build new commercial partnerships that will support us in engaging with our local communities, focusing on targeting inactivity in under-represented groups to reduce health inequalities.

Partner with us

There is no single solution to creating a healthier and more active Surrey; there are so many ways in which we can help our local communities and residents find a solution to help them live longer, more active lives.

To help us succeed, we need to collaborate with organisations that share our vision and desire to improve the health of those who live in our county. 

Our vision is that everyone in Surrey embraces moving more, to improve our own health and wellbeing and to thrive as an active community.


Our collaborative approach means we partner with numerous stakeholders ranging from policy makers and corporate business, right through to front line delivers involved in physical activity and sport.

If you wish to find our more about how we can work together to help the residents of Surrey and make a real difference to your local community, please contact us.

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