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Due to current restrictions on physical distancing we have suspended delivery of our regular programme until we receive further guidance from government / DfE and Youth Sports Trust. This will include,  Sports Crew & PhysiFUN Champions Training as well as My First Steps and the Gifted & Talented leadership academy.

In order to support the development of your pupils and to help provide intra school opportunities please see details of our new virtual Sports Organiser Squad training, available from the end of October 2020. 

You can also access the PhysiFUN at Home videos and PhysiFUN at Home cards which have been adapted so that the games can be delivered at home with minimal space or equipment. 

PhysiFUN writing over the top of a bubbling red hear in the centre. With Active Surrey underneath.

What is PhysiFUN

PhysiFUN is a card-based activities pack, focusing on ‘Physical Fundamentals’ and developed to support schools to motivate and engage their least active pupils.

It's a great way to implement some of the key ideas from the Change4Life programme and is a core part of the countywide PALSS campaign designed to exploit the power of physical activity to improve wellbeing.

How it works

PhysiFUN provides an easy way to target inactive or disengaged pupils and help motivate them to become more physically active, using simple structured activities to develop agility, coordination, balance and fitness.

It requires minimal teacher input and no additional funding to create a fun, vibrant and exciting activity sessions, which give young people the confidence and competence to take part. It also provides a fantastic leadership opportunity for KS2 pupils (see below).

Please contact your local Active Schools Lead to find out more.

PhysiFUN card pack. PhysiFUN Fundamentals. PhysiFUN is an ABC (agility, balance, coordination) fitness initiative based on the principle of fun, fair, safe and simple activities.

1. PhysiFUN Resource Card Pack:


  • 50 easy to follow activities to get your pupils moving.


  • The activity pack is available to purchase for only £50 by emailing Ally Reid.

2. PhysiFUN Champions Training:

A 2.5-hour training session for budding young leaders in Years 4 or 5. Provides an understanding of the components needed to deliver great games to the least active pupils in their schools.  

  • Recognise different activity levels 
  • Understand and promote the benefits of physical activity on the body and mind
  • Identify ways to improve activity by using Mr NEDD principle (name/aim explain, demonstrate, deliver) to engage inactive peers through great games
  • Understand how to apply fun, fair, simple and safe delivery methods using PhysiFUN activity resource cards

How to deploy your PhysiFUN Champions in school

  1. Deliver playground PhysiFUN games / intervention activities for targeted inactive pupils
  2. Raise the profile of PE and school sport across the school – assemblies, newsletter articles
  3. Collate activity data to measure impact on participants
  4. Lead celebration events for their PhysiFUN peers

PhysiFUN Champion Training - £150 for 12 leaders

3. Developing Healthy Active Lifestyles School Training:

A whole day head teacher and/or lead teacher training course that will help your school to improve the health and wellbeing of your pupils. The training incorporates PhysiFUN. Provides ideas on how to implement this alongside other quick wins and sustainable improvements that link to the 5 key indicators of the sports premium.

N.B. Discount availble for Active School members.

4. Active Play through PhysiFUN:

A 3 hour practical course designed to help lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants and other adults with supporting the delivery of playground activities. Delegates will learn through linking positive play time environments to engage the least active pupils.