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What is PhysiFUN

PhysiFUN is a card-based activities pack, focusing on ‘Physical Fundamentals’ and developed to support schools to motivate and engage their least active pupils.

It's a great way to implement some of the key ideas from the Change4Life programme and is a core part of the countywide ASM campaign designed to exploit the power of physical activity to improve wellbeing.

How it works

PhysiFUN provides an easy way to target inactive or disengaged pupils and help motivate them to become more physically active, using simple structured activities to develop agility, coordination, balance and fitness.

It requires minimal teacher input and no additional funding to create a fun, vibrant and exciting activity sessions, which give young people the confidence and competence to take part. It also provides a fantastic leadership opportunity for KS2 pupils (see below).

Please email us to find out more.

Physi FUN card pack. Physi FUN is an ABC (agility, balance, coordination) fitness initiative based on the principle of fun, fair, safe and simple activities.

1. PhysiFUN Resource Card Pack:

  • 50 easy to follow activities to get your pupils moving. Tried and tested with Key Stage 2 and 1 pupils
  • Split into suggested easy games (5 mins); warm-up & cool down (10 mins); health / healthy eating related (10-15 mins); challenges (10-15 mins); and focus activities (10-30 mins)
  • Each card outlines the Space, Task, Equipment and People needed to run the activity on the reverse side, with additional ideas for adaptations 
  • The activity pack is available to purchase for only £50 by emailing Lee Bessent

2. Active Play through PhysiFUN:

Three hour practical course designed to help lunchtime supervisors, teaching assistants and other adults to support the delivery of playground activities and use positive playtime environments to engage the least active pupils.  

Learners will be able to:

  • Understand how and why structured play can benefit the least active pupils
  • Confidently deliver games using PhysiFUN resource cards and principles
  • Nurture sports leaders to assist and act as role models
  • Understand the benefits of physical activity and mental health & wellbeing
  • Effectively identify the right pupils for activity and track their participation
  • Make all activity inclusive

Potential impact on your pupils

  1. More positive behaviour thanks to the increase in structured activity 
  2. Improved social interaction between children 
  3. Can help build self confidence and boost mental health 
  4. More engaged young (sports) leaders 

Active Schools members central venue training: £135 per person or £165 per person for non-member schools. 

Inset / twilight training

If you have more than six members of staff for this training, an inset or twilight session may be more suitable. The course can take up to 15 attendees and costs are:

Active Schools members £340 or £410 for non-member schools. 

physi FUN kit bag

3. PhysiFUN Fitbags

A perfect solution to engage your pupils in physical activity whilst they are at home, whether used as long or short term (eg weekend) loans.

With figures showing child inactivity at a higher rate than pre-pandemic, our Fitbags provide schools and PE Leads the opportunity to reach those most in need and help foster a love of physical activity.

Comes with a pack of PhysiFUN at home cards to encourage play straight out of the bag.

What's included

  • Inflatable ball
  • 6 rainbow balls
  • 8 cones
  • 8 bean bags
  • 2 paddle bats
  • 6 rubber balls
  • 4 floor spots
  • @home game cards

PhysiFUN fitbags cost £35 each or 5 for £165. For more details or to order some for your school please email Lee Bessent