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Help the NHS: help yourself to Better Health

"Lose five pounds to save the NHS £100m"


That was the message in the Telegraph from the Health Secretary as he outlined the Government's new drive on tackling obesity, designed partly to lessen the risk of coronavirus.


63% of English adults are overweight, increasing the chance of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In 2018/19, 876,000 hospital admissions in England were linked to it, with more recent data showing hospital admissions for COVID-19 are closely correlated to weight (a fifth of victims had diabetes).


To help the country continue with the good habits, the NHS have launched their Better Health campaign. Links to existing programmes like Active 10 (walking) and Couch to 5k (beginners' running) sit alongside a new, free NHS weight loss app to help people fight off future problems. 

If you have a long term health condition #WeAreUndefeatable can help keep you active, combating further risks to your health - including COVID-19.

Parents: the kids are off, the days are stil long, so keep them busy completing a line on our first Summer Activity Bingo. Lots of ideas for under 11's.

Whether you're a player, club or facilities provider, on July 9 the Government announced the opening up of more sports. See links to their headline advice.

It's reckoned up to 48% of public leisure facilities could close by Jan without Government help. Read more about the issues behind the #saveleisure campaign.

Clubs / coaches: Activity Alliance have released a guide to help ensure disabled people aren't overlooked as facilities are reopened. 

Community Foundation for Surrey are now accepting funding bids from selected groups whose day to day work is impacted by COVID-19. Donations welcome!


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