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Child and teenage obesity still a concern

How to help overweight children


Did you know that the risk of a girl being obese at 8, is 10 times greater if her mother is too (a boy's risk increases six-fold if his father is obese). Or that according to a New Zealand study, very young children who sleep less have a higher BMI?


A new study in The Lancet reveals that 1 in 10 young people in the UK is obese. But when it comes to what goes on at home, what steps can parents take to improve the health of an overweight child, or stop children from having a problem? This report from the BBC offers some practical advice for parents


Sport England have just released the latest data for their Active Lives survey, covering the year to May 2017

Think your local park or green space is worth celebrating? If you really love it, vote for it in the UK's Best Park

Run, cycle, push or be pushed in the inclusive Winter Wonderwheels event at Dorney Lake on Disability Day 3 Dec:

Whether with a local community group, a parkrun or just with friends, running with others can improve your mental as well as physical health.

If you know someone 65+ who's not as steady on their feet as they were, check out our new Otago strangth and balance classes.

If you're a young, county athlete in Surrey check out our Elite programme. Introductory workshop on 1 November. Applications close soon.

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