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Thnking about dementia

Helping those living with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia


Dementia is one of society's greatest challenges yet many people aren't aware that there are different types of the disease, each of which have their own symptoms. Alongside those affecting memory, some target peoples' physical motor skills, others their vision.


The Alzheimers Society has published a free dowloadable Sport and Leisure Guide for leisure centres, gyms, clubs and standalone coaches, to help increase awareness of the disease and show how adaptations can help.


The role of exercise in preventing or managing the disease isn't fully understood, but we can all play a part now, in helping those living with the condition stay active.

Calling all teachers: Hear naturalist Nick Baker at SOLD's 'Learning Beyond the Classroom Conference 19', on 29 March at High Ashurst Outdoor Centre.

Schools & coaches: Save the date to hear about "Improving emotional wellbeing through daily activity" at our Best Practice Forum, 12 - 4pm, 1 May, Leatherhead.

Feeling a bit jaded as you wait for Spring to arrive? Healthy Surrey's 'Wheel of Well-being' might inspire you to take a fresh look at your daily routine.

Club welfare officers: brush up on your responsibilities and practical ways of working with regulatory bodies on the NSPCC's Time to Listen course, 4 March, Dorking.

Clubs: Surrey Community Action are holding a funding fair on Thu 7 March. Meet potential funders and gain best practice on volunteer recruitment and governance.

Schools: are you reaping the benefits of keeping your children active through introducing little changes to the day? Register for PALSS - it's free.

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