Activity Deliverers in Surrey
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Supporting coaches, instructors and other activity deliverers

Supporting coaches, instructors and other activity deliverers

Our aspiration is to ensure that people who are engaged in sport and physical activity have the best possible experience. To achieve this, the workforce must be recruited, developed and supported in the right way.

In the context of sport and physical activity, the workforce is made up of volunteers, coaches and the professional workforce – paid professionals who are employed or self-employed either full-time or part-time. 

So, whether you are a coach, leader, instructor, activator or volunteer we are here to support you to get Surrey moving more.

Training and Courses

From meeting minimum standards to increasing your knowledge and confidence, we can help you access the training you need. 

Coaches and Volunteers

Get started with coaching or volunteering or advance your career.

Professional Workforce

Become part of a recognised and respected physical activity sector and provide an excellent customer experience.