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Active Schools Movement - boosting your pupils' potential

Active Schools Movement is designed to support you in creating a more active and stimulating school environment. Finding everyday ways to get children moving across the school day can help them moderate their behaviour and improve performance in class.

Active Schools Movement concentrates on the four main areas that cover a child’s whole day, as we know it’s not all about the hours they spend in class.

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Everyone benefits when children move more

Improved focus

Used selectively, short bursts of activity can break up periods when children struggle to focus or become fidgety.

Greater participation

Children learn better when they're engaged. And like everyone else, they weren't designed to sit still for long periods - movement can offers a chance for learning to be more fun.

Improved attainment

Greater focus resulting from moving more allows for better pupil performance. Not convinced of the link? See details of this research from the BBC.

Better health outcomes

No matter how active we are at other times of the day, sitting for long periods leads to poorer health at all ages. Sedentary behaviour slows our metabolism and leads to a build-up of visceral fat, which can contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Boost to mental wellbeing

Moving more improves our mental health, whether it's through the release of endorphins, reduction in the stress hormone cortisol or simply by participating and connecting with others. 

Builds habits for life

Being active doesn't have to mean you're good at sport. No matter their adademic performance, getting children to develop simple active habits will help them be healthier and happier for the rest of their life.

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Initiatives such as WOW travel and Feet First training help promote walking, scooting and cycling to school, setting pupils up for the day and helping your school's green agenda. We offer bespoke support and can link you with the Safer Surrey Travel team.


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In Class

Alongside in-class programmes such as Maths on the Move and BBC Supermovers, just showing children how they can improve when undertaking simple physical challenges can support a growth mindset, whetever their ability. 

Whether they be long term initiatives like the Daily Mile or quick, ad-hoc interventions like deskercise or a round of 'stand up not hands up', we have ideas for active bursts to reinvigorate pupils.


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At Play

‘Play’ naturally sees most children moving more, but a planned approach can encourage those who are less likely to join in spontaneously. For example, PhysiFUN activities can be offered during certain morning breaks and lunchtimes, delivered by champions who have received appropriate young leaders training.


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At Home

The Chief Medical Officer recommends that children are active for at least 60 minutes every day, half of which should be at school.

Activity outside school accounts for the rest and we can help with ideas to encourage your pupils to take their new active habits home with them with suggested initiatives like Disney Dance Alongs and Primary Stars from the Premier League. 

Tie into the Surrey-designed Physifun programme and offer Fitbags to selected pupils on long or short term (ie weekend) loan - a perfect solution to encourage them to move more at home. 


Some of our supporters

  • Dr William Bird, MBE - originator of 'Green Gyms' health walks and ‘Beat the Streets’ active travel initiative. Preeminent social prescribing advocate
  • Dr Zoe Williams - BBC 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' presenter and ex-Gladiator
  • Joe Wicks – ‘The Body Coach’ fitness and diet guru, who grew up in Surrey
  • Jade Jones-Hall - medal winning para-triathlete 
  • Imoves - providers of services and ideas to get your pupils active

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