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In-depth support when it's needed

In-depth support when it's needed

We’ve partnered with St Mary’s University and the Centre for Sport and Physical Activity at Kingston University to provide a comprehensive offer for PESSPA in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 settings that goes beyond the regular support offered by Active Schools membership.

If you want to take a fundamental look at the place physical activity plays in your school, explore the skills needed by your teaching staff, or just discuss how you can use your Primary Premium to best effect, our service can help. Our expert consultants can offer services ranging from training and support on all aspects of policy and the PE curriculum to managing an Ofsted deep dive.

Typical services offered include:

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) support

This programme supports and gives confidence to NQT’s to deliver PE both within and beyond their NQT year while understanding its wider benefits. The 5 x 2hr session package is delivered over the course of an academic year (one per half term). Topics covered include:

  • Differentiation in PE: How to support and challenge learning so that all children can make progress.
  • Planning in PE: Setting up, managing and evaluating a PE lesson.
  • Creating a holistic approach to teaching and learning within PE: Understanding the child as the centre of the learning.

The standard discount applies for Active Schools members

Consultancy support

Face to face or virtual meetings specifically designed to support subject leaders and head teachers to improve the quality of PE and school sport on offer. Advice will be tailored to the needs of the school and teaching staff. Once your needs have been identified our consultants can offer a range of theme-based support packages on a variety of topics, including:

  • Whole School planning, delivery and assessment options within Primary PE.
  • Developing an inclusive approach to teaching and learning within PE
  • Improving teachers’ competence & confidence: team teaching

Whole school training in gym / dance / games / athletics

We suggest schools to allocate at least 20% of their Primary Premium funding to developing their staff so that any investment benefits both current and future pupils and meets DfE key indicator 3.   

Bespoke (face to face) training can meet the specific needs of your staff and is delivered on your school site. Courses typically see practical activity interspersed with classroom-based workshops.

Delegates will get plenty of ideas and example session plans on how to deliver developmentally appropriate, learner and learning-led PE.  Classroom-based sessions frame the practical work by considering how to monitor and assess progress

Note: VAT treatment

All fees are subject to VAT for all non-LEA schools and private organisation

Got questions?

Helping your pupils' learning by getting them more active doesn't always necessarily involve formal sport and PE. Whatever you need to get your pupils moving more, drop us a line and we'll see how we can help.