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Join a Movement for Change

The Physical Activity Strategy ‘Movement for Change’ (click for the plain text version) is a high level plan that supports Surrey's Health & Wellbeing strategy . It encourages a new way of working to help everyone adopt a more active lifestyle, with a particular focus on those who need it most.

The strategy offers a blueprint which can be used to underpin the day to day programmes and actions that will make a difference to people's lives. It's been coproduced with residents, volunteers, community groups and professional across Surrey. To learn more you can watch a recording of the launch presentation from September 2021

With your help, we can create a #MovementForChange in Surrey. 


snip of M F C video of Ambreen, local activity community champion for Sheerwater

Developing the case for physical activity

Working in areas of most need and / or with groups facing inequalities, the Movement For Change strategy aims to encourage partners across Surrey to consider how they can build physical activity into their day to day work practice.

From cutting youth offending to reducing demand on the NHS by reducing falls in older people, you can learn more about the part that physical activity can play in helping diverse organisations meet their own goals in these videos, which update and illustrate the real-life impact of Movement For Change.


graph from the Surrey trends spreadsheet, showing activity levels

Physical activity trends in Surrey - Active Lives

Every April Sport England publish their Active Lives report, a snapshot of how active over 150,000 people across the nation have been in the previous period.  

Using this data, we drill down to get reported activity levels across Surrey for adults, which are available for download and give an indication of trends by borough / district. (Data for young people is also available.)



 A note on the 2030 Community Vision for Surrey

A note on the 2030 Community Vision for Surrey

By 2030 the Surrey Health & Wellbeing Strategy - of which Movement for Change forms a part - will help to deliver the Community Vision for Surrey by:

  • Helping people in Surrey to lead healthy lives
  • Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of people in Surrey
  • Supporting people in Surrey to fulfil their potential 

We know that being active is one of the single most effective and sustainable ways to achieve the Vision for Surrey.  From better mental and physical health to social cohesion and a greener future, movement benefits us from the day we are born to old age.