Physical activity strategy for Surrey
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Launch event agenda

Health, care, planning, leisure and other 3rd / public sector professionals are invited to join us for the launch of Movement for Change, 12:30, 22 Sept.





Elizabeth Duggan
MD, Active Surrey

Introduction: about Movement for Change 


Cate Newnes-Smith
CEO, Surrey Youth Focus

Creating the foundations for an active lifestyle
Managing young people's wellbeing and the role of physical activity


Marie Snelling Exec Director of Customer & Communities
Surrey County Council 

Tackling inequalities through stronger, more resilient communities
The importance of creating healthy, active communities and why this is a priority across Surrey 


Katie Stewart, Exec Director of Environment, Transport & Infrastructure
Surrey Council Council 

Creating active environments
The long term vision for a greener county with active lifestyles at the heart of future transport and infrastructure planning


Clare Burgess, CEO
Surrey Coalition for Disabled People 

Building a stronger link between physical activity and health
Panel discussion including GP Dr Gillian Orrow, Director, Growing Health Together; & Bethany Wood, Social Prescribing Link Worker: the opportunities for health professionals


Elizabeth Duggan
MD, Active Surrey

Creating a Movement for Change
How all of us can work to create a positive change for residents using a whole system approach 

front cover of movement for change

Movement for Change

The Physical Activity Strategy ‘Movement for Change’ (or click for the plain text version) is a high level plan that supports Surrey's Health & Wellbeing strategy . It encourages a new way of working to help everyone adopt a more active lifestyle, with a particular focus on those who need it most.

The strategy offers a blueprint which can be used to underpin the day to day programmes and actions that will make a difference to people's lives. It's been coproduced with residents, volunteers, community groups and professional across Surrey.

With your help, we can create a #MovementForChange in Surrey. Register now for the launch event for professionals on 22 Sept.


 A note on the 2030 Community Vision for Surrey

A note on the 2030 Community Vision for Surrey

By 2030 the Surrey Health & Wellbeing Strategy - of which Movement for Change forms a part - will help to deliver the Community Vision for Surrey by:

  • Helping people in Surrey to lead healthy lives
  • Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of people in Surrey
  • Supporting people in Surrey to fulfil their potential 

We know that being active is one of the single most effective and sustainable ways to achieve the Vision for Surrey.  From better mental and physical health to social cohesion and a greener future, movement benefits us from the day we are born to old age.