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Ideas for quick wins

A PALSS resource pack will be sent out to all schools who have pledged in the latter half of January 2019, but to give you an idea of the sort of thing you could consider, try these for size:

  • In selected lessons, ask children to stand up instead of putting their hands up.
  • Break up everyday lessons with a burst of activity (such as those in BBC Supermovers for KS1&2)
  • Think about how your pupils might be able to stand up for some of the assembly (even if it's only until all the classes have filed in, provided they leave space!)
  • Check out the imoves curriculum-based resources and grab a one month free trial
  • Consider investing in a standing desk for lesson planning time if you have room in a communal area.
  • Make travel to school more fun by organising a walking bus.
  • Get your Daily Mile up and running - literally! For early inspiration check out our 'Run to Rio' pages.