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Child wellbeing: what we know

NHS Digital reported in 2017* that one in eight 5-19 year olds had a diagnosable mental health illness, a figure that seems likely to be pushed higher thanks to the direct and indirect after-effects of coronavirus.  

We know children with good mental health are more positive, engaged in school and can achieve better academically. 

Physical and mental health are intrinsically linked and include factors such as the right amount of sleep, nutrition, hydration, screen time and exercise - as well as the six elements of mental wellbeing. 

* Mental Health of Children in England, 2017


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Help for staff, parents & pupils

Our Child Wellbeing offer is designed around primary aged children and includes training options for staff, pupils, and parents.

With content tailored appropriately for each audience, these short courses focus on the practicalities of wellbeing and show the part physical activity plays in improving children's mental health. Schools or other organisations can choose any or all of the courses independently of each other, according to need.  

In addition to training, we can guide and advise schools on simple tweaks to services including food provision that can benefit children and their learning.

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Staff training

Improving mental health through physical activity

Developed with Surrey County Council Educational Psychologists and endorsed by Surrey School Nurses, this training can be delivered virtually or face to face and is aimed at staff in both educational and non-educational settings.

It highlights the importance of physical activity for children's mental wellbeing and is particularly suitable for staff who work with targeted young people e.g. Home School Link Workers (HSLWs), Emotional Literacy Assistants (ELSAs), School Mental Health Nurses etc. 

It develops the knowledge, skills and confidence required to have conversations with children about improving their mental health by being more active day-to-day. It also helps staff identify ways they can best introduce movement into their work with young people.

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Thank you so much for yesterday's training. I wanted to let you know that it inspired me and I've put it into practice today. 
A year 2 girl has often spoken about how much time she spends watching TV, even taking her ipad to bed with her to watch Netflix! 
Today, we drew a day timeline … and together made a chart where I have challenged her to do 10 lunges a day and then draw a face to show how it makes her feel. Hopefully we can build on this as the weeks go on.

- Staff training delegate


Pupil wellbeing sessions

Wellbeing Warriors

Developed with Surrey Educational Psychologists, this classroom-based session is designed to help Year 4 pupils learn how mental wellbeing can be improved by being more active.

Children are shown how moving more can postively influence them and helped to understand how a lack of physical activity can affect our emotions. Delivered through practical, interactive tasks children are encouraged to make personal commitments on their class' Tree of Wellbeing to show what new habits they will adopt.

This session delivers elements of the 'Physical health and mental wellbeing' section of the PSHE curriculum and 'Healthy me' element of the Jigsaw curriculum and supports schools with evidence for their Healthy Schools Approach.

Post Training a 6 week, 10 minute follow-up activity tales place where pupils reflect on their progress, allowing teachers to measure any behaviour changes.


Their understanding of their own role in a healthier life style has improved because of th training. The children recognise that even if they falter they can try again as their actions provide benefits in the long run.

- Class Teacher - St Francis Primary School


Parent workshops

Helping your child be their best: a focus on wellbeing

Ideal for schools wishing to engage with parents and involve them in the wellbeing of children. This virtual or face to face workshop engages parents with topics including the importance of physical activity, sleep and nutrition, as well as the six branches of mental wellbeing.  Practical tips will be shared with parents including: 

  • Which food helps their child’s development
  • Why a water bottle at school helps them learn
  • The importance of sleep and its link to health
  • The role of activity in growing up physically and mentally healthy
  • Tips for ensuring sensible screen use



The workshop did a good job of explaining how issues like quality of sleep and screen use, or drinking enough water and performance in class, are linked.
I certainly learnt some things that I will be trying out for my kids. Who knows, maybe they really will do better at school if we make some small changes!

- Parent workshop attendee


Staff training

Duration: 90 mins

Cost: £40 per person (£30 for Active Schools members)

For info / to book on 'Improving wellbeing through PA' please contact
Laura White

Pupil training

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £200 (£160 for Active Schools members)

For info / to book: please contact
Sarah Williams

Parent workshops

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: £200 (£160 for Active Schools members)

For info / to book: please contact
Charlotte Long