Active Surrey run many events within the Education sector, community and in health settings. We believe it is everyone’s duty that if you see something happening that you are concerned about, that may affect someone you do or in some cases do not know, to raise any concerns you may have and trust that it will be followed up and support or advice will be given as necessary.  

Keeping your child safe image.

At Active Surrey, any concerns can be reported to Active Surrey in confidence via the below individuals: 

  • Wendy Newton – Head of Children & Young People & Safeguarding Officer – or 07972 211 989 
  • Nic Fraser – Children & Young People Deputy – 07980 696 264 
  • Laura White – Adult Deputy - 07973 975494  

Active Surrey also have two Sport Welfare Officers who provide support and advice for local clubs, their details can also be found below: 

  • Emma Das – 07967 862939 
  • Lucy Doyle - 07967 873645  

There are a number of polices that we promote and encourage all participants, organisers, spectators, parents, exhibitors, facilitators and support adhere to, to ensure everyone has an enjoyable & positive experience in a safe environment. These policies are regularly updated and apply to our events. Please read and follow the policies as outlined below: