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Privacy policy for Active Schools work

About Us

Active Schools is a sub team of Active Surrey, which is one of England’s Active Partnerships, created to help develop and promote PE, school sport and physical activity across the county. A not-for-profit organisation, Active Surrey uses the facilities of Surrey County Council, at their offices in Woking.

The Active Schools team organise, deliver and manage the Surrey School Games and other events, as part of Active Surrey’s remit to promote physical activity across the county.

The Active Schools team’s work is mainly funded by Sport England (SE) and Department of Education (DfE) and overseen nationally by the Youth Sports Trust (YST)

What this Policy covers

This Privacy Policy firstly covers the use of children’s names and other personal data (including their images) in the Surrey School Games Programme (local and county sports events); Physically Active Learning in Surrey Schools (PALSS) events and similar Active Surrey initiatives that may arise; and Leadership opportunities for pupils.

‘Leadership’ includes training for Sports Crew and PhysiFUN; duties at the Surrey School Games; and programmes including My First Steps, our Gifted & Talented scheme and Active Schools Ambassadors.

Secondly it covers the use of adults’ data for events such as networking events and conferences, as well as aspects relating to your school’s Active Schools Membership or applications for Active Surrey-led initiatives such as KS1 Star Mark. It does not currently cover teacher training provided as part of our CPD offer which is addressed by a separate privacy notice.

Our legal basis for processing data

Organisations are allowed to process personal data (such as your details, or the details of individual children at events) on one or more of six legal bases:

  • Consent has been given to the processing of personal data for one or more specific purposes – for example acknowledgement of parental permission for photography purposes at an event
  • It is necessary for the performance of a sale or contract - such as an event booking or Active Schools membership or Star Mark application, or so that we can provide a safe event for pupils
  • It is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject
  • It is necessary in order to protect your / others’ vital interests - such as providing emergency first aid at our events which take into account individuals’ needs; or conferring membership for the school of the Youth Sport Trust or the Association for Physical Education when you take Active Schools membership.
  • It is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest
  • It is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, including reporting of anonymised statistics to our partners including Sport England; Youth Sport Trust; Association for Physical Education; Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport; Department for Education; Public Health England; Active Partnerships Network (Active Surrey is the Active Partnership for Surrey, part of a national network); and Surrey County Council except where your data rights or those of a child over-ride this.

Information we collect

Pupils / Young People

We will collect school name, year group, gender, ethnicity relating to black, Asian & minority ethnic, and special education needs & disability.

We will collect pupils’ initials and full surname, which will be linked to consent for photography and consent for first aid to be administered or passed to ambulance / other medical staff, alongside details of pupils’ medical conditions (based on existing records held by the school). Information should be provided prior to any event.

You can see details of Active Surrey’s central Photography Policy, designed to safeguard pupils, at  Photographs or video may be used by Active Surrey in promotional materials, the press or on our website or social media. Images may also be shared with partners named in the ‘How we use the information we hold and who we share it with’ section below.

Some Inclusive event may ask for further details regarding the special education need and disability grouping of pupils, to ensure their needs can be met.

Details of young people taking part in Leadership programme events (including name) will be used for tracking individual’s progress through the development programme.

Additional anonymous feedback may be collected from pupils via surveys, either face to face or in group sessions to help evaluate and improve the experience and event. By definition none of this information will be able to be traced back to a specific pupil.

Teachers / other school staff:

We will collect teachers’ work contact details. This is for:

  1. Communication with designated lead teachers over pupils’ participation in events, to manage attendance at events or handle lost property.
  2. Attendance and communication relating to teacher-centred events such as networking sessions and conferences. Further details on dietary requirements or access needs may be requested at time of booking for these events.
  3. Communications relating to your school’s Active Schools membership, or KS1 Star Mark if applicable.

Anonymous feedback may be collected via email or survey, either face to face, online or in group sessions to help evaluate and improve the experience and event.

How we use the information we hold and who we share it with

We may use the information provided on pupils / young people to:

  • Allow individuals to participate in a Surrey School Games or Leadership event. Non name-specific details of pupils with special needs or access requirements may also be shared with the relevant event deliverer or venue to ensure the right equipment is provided and individuals can participate safely.
  • Obtain further information on some young people if the events they are entering have strict entry criteria to ensure eligibility at the appropriate level (of skill / competence – requirements will vary according to sport)
  • Record the progress of named young people involved in our Leadership programme, detailing the courses and events they have been involved with to allow tracking of their progress. This will be shared with the individual’s school if applicable
  • Record permission for photos and videos to be taken at Surrey School Game events or other training etc. organised by Active Surrey. Name, school and record of consent / non-consent may be shared with the event deliverer in charge of the participant's sport to help ensure those without permission are not photographed.
  • Confer permission for first aid to be administered at an event. Pupil information (name, medical history and SEND details) may be shared with medical, venue or emergency staff assigned to administer treatment.
  • For events that Active Surrey staff are not attending, an event may be run exclusively by a third party deliverer. In this instance, pupils’ names, ages, school etc. will be shared
  • Complete termly and six monthly anonymised, summary reports for Sport England, Department for Education, Youth Sports Trust, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on those taking part in the School Games programme.
  • Publish anonymised information (survey results, summary reports, case study details or images from events) online and in print. Such non-sensitive information may also be shared with those listed in the bullet above plus partners including Surrey County Council, Borough and District councils, Public Health, National Governing Bodies of sport, other Active Partnerships and event deliverers who run events on our behalf.

We may use the information provided on teachers or other school staff to

  • Communicate with you about Surrey School Games and Leadership events which your pupils are involved in.
  • Send you information on upcoming events such as pupil Leadership opportunities, or other updates relating to PE, school sport and physical activity for your pupils.
  • Manage your attendance at events such as networking sessions and conferences. This could include details of dietary or access requirements which will be shared with the venue.
  • Provide you with / request further information relating to your school’s Active Schools membership if your school decides to join. This will include sharing designated contact details with the Youth Sport Trust and the Association for Physical Education to give your school membership of those organisations. YST and AfPE use this information to add members to e-news communications, training and resource opportunities. When you register to be an Active Schools member, please indicate if you do not wish to join these professional organisations.
  • We will also share the information with Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (SOLD); and Create Development, They will use your data to offer training and resources to AS member schools directly as part of their packages, provided you agree by ticking the relevant box on your application.
  • Processing or requesting further information for any Star Mark application your school makes (KS1 only).
  • For events that Active Surrey staff are not attending, an event may be run exclusively by a third party deliverer. In this instance, teachers’ contact details will be shared with the deliverer.
  • For teachers whose pupils have qualified for a pathway event (a qualifying Surrey School Games event which confers entry to a further level of competition), teacher contact information will be passed to the event deliverer.

Active Surrey will not share or sell your contact information for marketing purposes with any third party organisation unless expressly stated.

How long we hold the information you provide

Photographs / videos along with name and photography permission will be kept for no more than 4 years to help manage image use.

Active Surrey is also required to retain details relating to any medical or safeguarding incidents or accidents that occur as part of any Active Schools events for 3 years following the event date.

Anonymised participant and young leader’s data (with all names, school names and medical details removed) will be kept for 3 years for evaluation and statistical purposes.

Anonymised feedback gained via surveys etc will be kept for up to 3 years for evaluating and improving our events.

Paper records of participants’ medical, disability and safeguarding data, shared with third party event deliverers (in charge of each event) and first aid personnel during the event will be securely destroyed within 5 working days of the event.

Details of teachers attending conferences, forums etc will be kept for 3 years.

Active School Members will have their details kept for as long as they are a member school and for up to one whole school year following any revocation of their membership.

Submissions for Star Mark applications will be kept for 15 months.

 How we secure the data we hold

We use a number of integrated systems to help us process, store and manage your data, these include

  • Capsule, (a CRM system for recording contact)
  • Mailchimp, (typically used to send newsletters and some other emails) a mailing app
  • Bookwhen (typically used if you book on a course or event)
  • Rider HQ (typically used to record anyone associated with the Surrey Youth Games).

No third party provider has permission to use or share your information for their own purposes. For further details and to access the individual privacy policies please click on the links above.

For purposes of registration for events (Surrey School Games & Leadership), data will be captured using Upshot - a secure online data capture application. 

Surveys capturing feedback from events may also be collected and stored using Microsoft Teams Forms.

Completed paper forms with personal data should be scanned and sent to / from Active Surrey using Egress or another acceptable form of secure data transfer, or posted or handed to an Active Surrey contact as directed on the form.

All data you provide will be stored securely by Active Surrey, (on servers hosted by Surrey County Council) or in locked filing cabinets until they are securely destroyed

Data shared with Sport England and Youth Sport Trust is uploaded to a secure website, via a password protected dashboard.

Where information is shared with event deliverers and venue or medical staff when no Active Surrey member of staff is present, information will be shared via Egress or another secure data transfer process. The third party will be instructed to destroy the data within 5 working days of the event.

In the event of a medical incident, details of the individual may be recorded by the venue or medical team providing treatment. Please refer to their Privacy Policy for details of how they secure and use any record which they are required to keep.

Access to your information, changing and deletion of your details

You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold on you. If you would like a copy of some or all of the information and request that any personal data is amended or deleted, please email Bob Pritchard, Active Surrey’s information processing officer at with the subject title ‘Data Access Request’

We want to make sure that your details are accurate and up to date, so you may ask us to amend or remove information that you think is inaccurate.

If you our dissatisfied with our response or have a more detailed query please contact Surrey County Council’s Data Protection Officer via

Other websites

The yourschoolgames website, into which Active Surrey is required to input data for Sport England and the Youth Sports Trust via a password protected dashboard, has its own Privacy Policy which can be found at

Survey Mechanics, the provider of our online registration and survey system, has its own Privacy Policy which can be found at .

Microsoft Teams Forms, the provider of our online survey system, has its own Privacy Policy which can be found at Security and Privacy in Microsoft Forms

Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will regularly update it. The date this version of the policy was updated can be found at the start of this notice.

How to contact us

Please contact us at if you have questions about this policy. For more detailed queries or questions relating to legislation surrounding the wider use of any data you provide please contact Surrey County Council’s Data Protection Officer via pol)