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Following on from the success of the Run to Rio initiative during summer 2016, Run the World is Active Surrey's new Daily Mile initiative for 2016/17.

Run the World challenges your school to run or walk a route around the world during the academic year, visiting different sporting events with the opportunity to win themed prizes along the way. Schools who run the full distance will have the opportunity for their school to be part of the Women's Lacrosse World Cup which is being held in Surrey in July 2017.

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What is Run the World?

Every pupil can choose to run, jog or simply walk a measured mile around a track on the school grounds for 15 minutes each day. Collectively schools should cover the 28,750 miles around the world, over the course of the school year. Each child’s distance should be recorded, schools have the option to record their miles on the Golden Mile website which has been offered to you for FREE by Premier Sport. This enables schools to monito and measure the children's progress over the year.


Why are Active Surrey doing this?

Getting children moving an extra 15 minutes per day is proven to reduce obesity, improve pupil behaviour and well-being and increase  concentration levels in the classroom. We know that schools in Surrey thoroughly enjoyed, and benefitted from Run to Rio, and we wanted to enhance the effect of this great initiative.

"Congratulations to Active Surrey for putting Run to Rio together as being fit and healthy is not just for Olympians and Paralympians, it is for everyone!"

- Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

Greenfields Run to RioRun to Rio was a huge success with over 110 Surrey Schools (35,000 children) taking part and more than half of them achieved the full distance to Rio (5,700 miles). Collectively, Surrey has run more than 600,000 miles over Run to Rio's 12 week period.

To watch the highlights of Run to Rio click here.

"My three children absolutely loved the Run to Rio and still talk about it almost daily. Their school fully embraced the initiative and from what I hear are likely to continue its legacy this academic year."

- Parent whose children have Run to Rio

How to take part

1. Sign up

Sign your school up to Run the World for FREE. For more information about Run the World, read the FAQs.

2. Measure your track

Your track could be around your field or playground. Get your pupils to use a trundle wheel to measure it in metres (1 mile is 1609 metres). You can mark it with cones or paint a line until the children know the route. You might need a different location/route for the winter months. Think about how you will record the number of laps, elastic bands are one option.

3. Select Run the World Monitors

We recommend 1 monitor per participating class, ideally from year 5 or 6. You could use Sport Crews if you have them. They will be responsible for printing off a class list each week so teachers can manually record the distance their class has covered and then collating all the distances and colouring in the wall chart (provided by Active Surrey, once you sign up) each week. They could also help lead any themed activities you plan around the sporting events you will reach along the way.

4. Decide how to track your distance

The beauty of Run the World is that it is simple. Distance can be recorded on a basic excel spreadsheet. If you would like to track individual progress over the year, Run the World also includes free access to Premier Sport’s Golden Mile website www.golden-mile.org The code for free access is RTR/16. If you used this for Run to Rio, your data will remain in the system. If not, you will have to register and then input class data. Any questions, refer to the set up guide, alternatively for support please contact Liz Bevington.

5. Keep in touch

There is no need to report your distance regularly but please do email your SGO or school.sport@surreycc.gov.uk to share your key milestones or any themed celebrations you have organised. We will be in touch with more information about the prizes and experiences to sustain you over the winter months.

 Keep the momentum going in your school and keep running!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information contact school.sport@surreycc.gov.uk