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Daily Mile

Helping all children enjoy an hour of physical activity every day

UK Chief Medical Officers’ recommend that all children should engage in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day and yet only 16% of girls and 21% of boys aged 5-15 are meeting this guidance in the UK.

The onus has been put on schools to deliver at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day through active break times, PE, extra-curricular clubs, active lessons or other sport and physical activity initiatives. One such initiative is the Daily Mile.

Why the Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is simple, effective and free. Each day class teachers take their pupils out for 15 minutes desk to desk to run, walk or jog around the school. There is no need for specialist equipment, staff or training; the children can simply change their shoes and go! As well as improving fitness levels, getting children moving an extra 15 minutes per day is proven to help maintain a healthy weight, improve pupil behaviour and well-being and increase concentration levels in the classroom.

Through schemes such as Active Surrey’s Run the World and Run to Rio. Surrey schools have led the way in the introduction of a daily mile. Over 35,000 children participated in Run to Rio in 2016 and thousands also completed ‘Run the World’ over the 2016/17 school year. It is quick and easy to start a daily mile in your school. Visit the Daily Mile website for tips and advice.

Find out more about Run to Rio and watch the highlights.

"Congratulations to Active Surrey for putting Run to Rio together as being fit and healthy is not just for Olympians and Paralympians, it is for everyone!"

- Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health


How Active Surrey can help

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What is Run the World?

children runningRunning or jogging a measured mile around a track should take an average 15 minutes each day. This extra 15 minutes a day is proven to reduce obesity, improve pupil behaviour and well-being and increase concentration levels in the classroom. Collectively schools should cover the 28,750 miles around the world, with each child's distance being recorded over the course of the school year. Over 35,000 school children in Surrey thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Run to Rio, and so we are carrying on this initiative through Run the World.

Use our wall chart to plot your route to run around the world

To make it even more fun, challenge your pupils to plot their own route around the world to link with their interests or school topics using our customisable wall chart.

Sign up to Run the World for free and we will send you a printed one to put up in your school!

Install a track or measure your current one

With the winter months approaching, many schools have installed running tracks around their fields, for more information on this, contact Ally Reid. If you are unable to finance a new track, measure your current one in metres. 1 mile is 1609 metres, mark the track so children know the route and think about how the children's running will be measured. 

Track your distance

If you want to track your distance to measure pupil progress and fitness, Premier Sport offers free access to the Golden Mile website for Surrey schools. The code for free access is RTR/16. If you used this before, your data will remain in the system. If not, you will have to register and then input class data. Any questions, refer to the set up guide, alternatively for support please contact Liz Bevington.

Share your best practice

Let us know how you have been getting on with a daily mile or any other daily physical activity. We are keen to hear your success and share your best practice. Email active.schools@surreycc.gov.uk with all your physical activity news.

Greenfields Run to Rio

"My three children absolutely loved the Run to Rio and still talk about it almost daily. Their school fully embraced the initiative and from what I hear are likely to continue its legacy this academic year."

- Parent whose children have Run to Rio


Keep the momentum going in your school and keep running!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information contact active.schools@surreycc.gov.uk