Sports Organiser Squad
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Cones on a pitch

Sports Organiser Squad training

Active Surrey’s virtual offer for leadership training for 2022/23.

This three hour training session for leaders in Years 5 & 6 upskills pupils (and staff) in how to plan, organise and deliver intra school competitions for their peers.

Pupils will be able to:

  • Recognise the skills and qualities of a good leader and understand the importance of teamwork 
  • Work as a team to complete group activities
  • Understand and follow the Mr. NEDD principle
  • Learn and deliver PhysiFUN games
  • Reflect on learning through application and feedback

Training can be delivered by school staff using virtual resources.

How to deploy your Sports Organiser Squad in school

  1. Run intra school activities, events and competitions for all year groups and abilities
  2. Help deliver team building activities 
  3. Survey and suggest ideas which reflect the sort of activities that might encourage others to become more active - partilcularly those who show little interest in traditional sport / PE


  • Virtual Delivery - 12 leaders

Active Schools Members £125 | Non-member £155

Schools will receive a Squadron Leader's teacher pack with four training modules, associated resources and a virtual presentation slide deck to aid delivery along with youg leaders’ bibs and booklets.