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Health and wellbeing

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Healthy Surrey

Following Active Surrey's tips on exercise is just one way of helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. For more information on eating well, health check ups and seasonal advice, visit Healthy Surrey

How exercise can help

The following graphics from Public Health England will give you an idea of some of the benefits to be gained from regular physical activity, and what you should aim for. ('Moderate intensity' activity increases your breathing and can include walking, cycling, dancing, swimming - even gardening. Vigorous exercise generally means a sport which leaves you breathing fast and unable to talk much.)

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The benefits of exercise and activity

How much exercise should you do?


Mental Health: six steps to a happier you

Staying healthy is essential, but that includes your mental health too. The Wheel of Well-being is a tool that can help you start to take care of your mental fitness .

Try some of these easy ways of building the Wheel of Well-being into your daily life if you live in Surrey:

  • Be active – try yoga or pilates, or go for a run. 
  • Keep learning – book a class and try out a new skill. Have a look at our adult learning website to see what’s on offer.
  • Give – volunteer for a local charity or help out in your local community. There are lots of ideas to help you get started here
  • Connect – if you’re feeling worried or stressed, talk to your friends or family.
  • Take notice – spend some time outside each day to take in your surroundings. For ideas about where to go, have a look at Explore Surrey.
  • Care – do your bit to look after our planet by recycling. Find out what can be recycled where you live.

Visit the Wheel of Well-being website to find out more