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Due to the latest lockdown, our plans for the Surrey School Games as originally outlined have changed. Please check below for the new details.  

Spring term 2021 - adapted due to lockdown

Get involved and stay active during lockdown.

It's back for the autumn term
Activities this term include: Rounders (focusing on teamwork) and Panathlon (focusing on inclusive participation)




Racket Pack badminton (postponed due to COVID)

3 & 4

Four stations & Festival

Rugby league (postponed due to COVID)

5 & 6

Ten stations & Festival

Cross country

3 to 8
Special schools

Time taken / or distance covered


Key stages 1 to 4

Dance style workshops & creative choreography challenge

Personal Best (postponed due to COVID0

Key stages 2 & 3

Challenges set by your pupils

How can you be part of the Spring Term Virtual Surrey School Games?

  • Choose your activity - Cross Country / Dance (or both)
  • Follow the instructions sent by your teacher. 
  • Record the information in line with your schools guidance. 
  • Try again later in the week and try to achieve a new personal best.
  • Receive certificates for taking part. 

To participate in the Virtual Surrey School Games, please read the Terms and Conditions of entry and privacy policy.

Help to carry on under COVID

The Active Schools team will continue to support schools to take part in the Virtual Surrey School Games during lockdown. Whether it be for children in school or being homeschooled. 

They can also support your school with wider PE, school sport and physical activity needs, so get in touch

Developing pupils' soft skills

Leadership is a valuable skill, so let young leaders take charge and have the ownership of delivering the Virtual Surrey School Games. Children like nothing more than to be given responsibility to demonstrate how good they are. For those children still in school this could be a way of motivating them and giving them some responsibility. 

Sports Organiser Squad training for primary schools gives young leaders the confidence and skills to organise competitions within the comfort of their own school environment. Once trained they will understand how to give their fellow pupils the chance to participate in a way that suits them, ensuring that no-one gets left behind.


Cross Country


Rugby League


Why has this activity been chosen?

Focusing on personal best and competing against yourself. 





Creative dance provides many physical and mental benefits; mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, self confidence and self-esteem. Exploring emotions and feelings through storytelling and music can assist those experiencing trauma.

Focused on teamwork, connections and building friendships, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Supporting individuals who may be suffering from loneliness and a lack of belonging.


Focusing on personal best achievements, building resilience and developing fundamental movement skills for those who may be lacking competency and fitness from being away from the school environment for a prolonged time.

Launch Date

14 January

30 September



Submission Date

4 February

30 March



Upcoming Terms

Decisions for the upcoming terms will be made following consultation with schools and in line with Government Guidance.

Any upcoming event in the Surrey School Games will be an Open Entry Event (non-qualifying). Exceptions could occur, subject to guidance, however Active Surrey would organise and facilitate a local district qualifier and County Final (Pathway Competition) if needed.

Please contact Alannah Stephenson if you have any questions or queries.

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