Surrey strength & balance (falls) classes
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image of the P D F showing 6 standing balance exercises

Avoiding falls as we age

We start to lose muscle mass by the time we hit our 40's, which combines with decreasing muscle endurance and flexibility to affect our coordination, stability and balance. 

Old age is where seated classes or things like tai chi, pilates and yoga can play a part. In Surrey we’re lucky to also have a programme of Otago classes which are medically proven to help reduce the risk of falls - details below.

Keeping active and moving every day are vital to gently strengthen muscles and reduce your fall risk. If Otago classes aren't currently running in your area we have six simple balance exercises which everyone who's able to stand for a short while can practice at home. 

Otago strength and balance classes

If you have had a fall or are at risk of falls Otago classes can help you build your strength, balance and confidence. Classes are simple but fun and sociable. Watch the video below and hear from Pat about how classes have helped her:

COVID-19 & classes

As the country continues to grapple with coronavirus please be aware that many classes will not be running as per the list available here. Please contact the instructor of your chosen class before making any attempt to attend.

Find out where your nearest Otago class is

Please note that due to coronavirus many classes will not be running face to face. Contact your local instructor for more details of what's available.


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