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Keeping active despite COVID-19

frustrated home workerThe Government have announced changes to coronavirus rules relating to exervise mid May, June 1 and July 9. Outdoor pools and team sports are beginning to open up (recreational cricket led the way) with gyms, leisure centres and indoor pools being allowed to open from July 25.

It's currently permissible  to mix with up to five others for outdoor exercise provided social distancing is still followed - just don't share equipment. 

Whether you're an older resident or have a family in tow, staying active will help your wellbeing and lift your mood. If you're trying for a baby being physically fit can help you conceive, while confirmed mums-to-be can boost the health and that of their baby by moving more. Check out the ideas below and share yours with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where we publish new ways to keep moving every day.

Just remember, if you do feel ill, don't go out and call 119 for a test - anyone can have one now. Even if you're not COVID-19 positive, resting completely will speed your recovery from whatever bug you've got.  


Advice for specific groups 

Click on the most relevant picture below to find information and resources tailored to your needs.

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Grab some green

treesBeing outside lifts our mood so if you're up for it use your daily exercise slot to go out for a walk, jog, or hop on a bike. We suggest you stay away from popular beauty spots (or have an alternative pre-planned) and avoid places like towpaths to avoid breaching physical distancing guidelines. 

If working from home give your day some structure by scheduling a lunchtime or post-work excursion in the open. Make sure you have screen-free times for the kids too, however tempting it is to let them get on with it as they'll benefit from getting out too. Ensure you all wash your hands as soon as you get back inside.

  • Brisk walking is a great form of exercise. Join almost a million people who've downloaded the free Active 10 app from Public Health England and hit those deserted streets, or take to wide open spaces like the Surrey Hills if you can reach them on foot
  • You know that resolution you think about starting every January, where you take up running? Now's the ideal time - hundreds of thousands have downlaoded the  Couch to 5k app in recent months.
  • Try hopping on your bike for a local ride (just do the NHS a favour and wear a helmet). Sport England report that the current restrictions have led to a boom in family cycling trips. If you need some advice, a good place to start is the Bikeability site.   

If you have a bit more time on your hands, the hub on the Ordnance Survey Get Outside site has hundreds of ideas linked to walking,cycling, climbing... and tips for family activities like den building 

Don't feel in the right mood?

Even at the best of times it can be difficult to motivate ourselves, but  scheduling some time to stay active everyday really will help. If you're feeling low or are worried, check out the NHS Every Mind Matters website for advice on boosting your mental wellbeing. And make sure you're feeling physically well before you attempt any sort of activity listed here. 

If you want to take part in some free online exercise classes especially created to help you lift your mood, check out Surrey Virtual Wellbeing.

Parents wanting some advice on how to reassure anxious children during lockdown and beyond can find help in the Goverment's guide on mental health for children.


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