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As movement matters...

As movement matters...

At Active Surrey, we believe that movement matters. It matters to our health, our schools, our communities and our environments.  

As the Active Partnership for Surrey, we work collaboratively to help everyone in Surrey realise the benefits of a more active way of life. We focus on influencing systems, removing barriers and creating opportunities to get people moving more.

image of a case study into the Surrey School Games on case study page

Find out more about what we do

Quite simply, our work is focussed on getting the most inactive moving more.

There's a long-acknowledged link between the amount of activity people undertake and their income, as well as levels of health / disability and other measures.  That's why we concentrate the majority of our programmes on specific groups, as we can have most effect when targeting those who need it most.

You can check out specific examples of our work on our case studies page or catch videos of some of our programmes which were showcased at a 'Movement for Change' partner event in 2023.

Our history and vision

Established in 1999 by Sport England and local partners, Active Surrey is a not for profit organisation, hosted by Surrey County Council. We continue to be commissioned by Sport England and local partners to increase participation rates for the people and places of Surrey where the need is greatest.

Our vision is that all of us in Surrey embrace the habit of moving more, to improve our own wellbeing and to thrive as an active community. Our work is shaped by the values which our team members work to.

A more active county

Evidence shows that active people live more enriched lives and are healthier, happier and more prosperous. We also know that programmes which include an element of physical activity can help address some of the health and social inequalities that we nonetheless see across our seemingly 'wealthy' communities.

As a support to the Surrey Health and Wellbeing plan, we researched and released a new physical activity strategy which outlines the high level priorities that we believe everyone needs to focus on. As we head towards 2030, we would like to see all interested parties embrace this Movement for Change.