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Move more for better health

Physical activity – even simply walking – is widely known to reduce our risk of disease and can make it easier to live with a health condition. Not only that, but the endorphins released can make us feel good too

If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented

- Dr Nick Cavill, health promotion consultant

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C M O guidelines - exercise helps avoid strokes,  hypertension, 8 cancers, dementia & other conditions

How does moving more make a difference?

  • It reduces inflammation in your cells – it is this inflammation that can lead to chronic disease It prevents clogging of arteries by breaking up fatty deposits
  • It increases blood flow, so oxygen (which is carried in blood) can reach muscles and organs, allowing them to work to their optimum
  • It keeps muscles strong, improving balance and posture and reducing the risk of falls in older people
  • It can help maintain a healthy weight 

Diagram from: Chief Medical Officer's physical activity guidelines report 

Inactive people have a 20% to 30% increased risk of dying early

Sitting isn't as bad for health as smoking, but being inactive can still prove deadly

Regular exercise can boost your mood

Coronavirus and physical activity

While exercise won’t make you immune, evidence from around the world has shown a link between excess weight and the chance of being hospitalised with COVID-19. And those who exercise more typically have improved lung capacity, which is thought to help you overcome some of the effects of the virus.  

Staying active is good for your mental health too, especially if you can exercise in the great outdoors.

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Healthy Surrey

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Sport England and 15 leading health charities help those with long term health conditions move more

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