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Run the World Prizes

As your school runs the world, you will pass different sporting events along the way. In order to maintain momentum, we have organised some amazing prizes and experiences for participating schools connected to these events.

These include:

  • The chance for your school to be part of the Women's Lacrosse World Cup in Guildford in July,
  • Tickets for the PGA Wentworth Golf Tournament in May,
  • Flag Football coaching sessions from an American Football professional for the Super Bowl,
  • Australian Open Tennis Festival Packs to create your own fun tennis experience at school including Andy Murray masks and T-shirts.

First Chance to Win

The first destination is Saarbrucken at 360 miles for the Men's Table Tennis World Cup. Table Tennis is a fun and engaging way to get your pupils active, it is truly a sport for everyone and improves focus, hand eye coordination and concentration. Click here, for more information about Kickstarting Table Tennis in your school.

Tip of the Month

What is the best way to measure our mileage?

There are a few options to consider:

  • Premier Sport's Golden Mile lets you track the progress of each child and download distance certificates. Through Run the World you have free access with the code RTR/16.
  • Click here for an excel spreadsheet, which has been developed as an alternative solution. Please feel free to adapt this as suits you.
  • Just run! Measuring the mileage adds a competitive element into Run the World, for some students this will work as an incentive however, it is not essential, it is about becoming active! (you can still be part of Run the World).
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