Super Six exercises

Older residents & those with health conditions

N H S seated exercisesChanges announced for June 1 mean that older people or those with health conditions that previously required shielding can leave home for limited exercise with someone from their own household, provided precautions are taken.

Whatever your situation, maintaining strength and balance  is as important as ever. Gardening and housework will help keep you fit and busy, but for a DIY home workout, try popping some cans into a shopping bag or filling up an empty milk carton with water to use as makeshift weights (2 litres = 2kg). For an improvised exercise band, tie some old tights into a loop.

If you're able, an easy way to keep moving is to get out of your chair for a minute whenever the ads come on the TV  - something that simple will genuinely help your balance and keep your legs strong. Or just head for the stairs - the Ramblers reckon 475 flights and you'll have tackled Snowdon (add another 3,400 for Everest).

If you're looking for indoor exercise inspiration, below are some free ideas to get you started. As with all exercise, take it slowly and stop if you feel at all unwell. 

Older residents

super 6 falls prevention leafletAlongside the following higher-tech online solutions, download our 'Super Six' falls prevention leaflet (3MB) or print it off and stick it on the fridge as a reminder of some balance exercises to do while you're making a cuppa.


People with health conditions or disabilities

You might have developed a chronic health condition as you aged, or you may have lived with a disability all of your life. It may even be that you've been told to self isolate due to preganancy. Whatever the reason, it's important that you stay active within the constraints of your condition, particularly if you have been advised to self isolate. Here are some of the sites that have stood out for us so far:

  • arthritis action workouts#WeAreUndefeatable is a campaign powered by Sport England and 15 of the UK's leading health charities, with advice on ways to keep moving for those with self-isolating conditions
  • Mums-to-be can check out exercise videos and more from our sister Active Partnership, MSP 
  • If you're a wheelchair user, take a look at the exercise resources from Wheelpower including adaptive yoga, strength exercises using reistance bands, at-home circuits and no-equipment cardio sessions.
  • Disability Sports Coach have a home exercise programme aimed at disabled people available for download 
  • Arthritis Action have some great seated exercises, particularly suitable for those with hand, hip or knee problems, or spinal Osteoarthritis
  • The British Heart Foundation have exercise videos specifically for cardiac rehabilitation patients as well as 7 sets of exercises that can keep you mobile, depending on your own ability level.
  • The Royal Marsden have a few video workouts for those diagnosed with cancer 
  • British Blind Sport have some free audio workouts accessible from their C-9 page
  • Cerebral Palsy Sport feature some stay at home exercises and other advice to help you stay in shape
  • The Royal Osteoporosis Society has free video exercises and sheets
  • Disability Horizons have suggestions for other exercise providers, from gentle stretches to high energy / HIIT workouts and inclusive dance for children

Finally, you may want to check out this page on our Activity Finder to learn about some of the new apps that have been launched to help those with health conditions move more, thanks to personalised programmes.


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