Workout at home

Home working / ideas for adults

If you used to schelp into the office but are now working from home you'll have found a new groove. You may be doing moving more then before (in which case, great!) but chances are you're missing out on the exercise that you used to get on your commute. Sitting at your dining table or in an unergonomic chair using a laptop can also adversely affect your back and neck muscles.

Building some movement into your day will help your health and punctuate the time spent sitting. A brief spell exercising in a way that suits you - especially outdoors - will also benefit your mental wellbeing.

Get active for your journey to work

man ready to cycle to workWith public transport an issue for those still travelling to work, brisk walking and cycling have multiple benefits when it comes to coronavirus. Not only will you cut your risks of infection and help maintain a healthy weight, but you'll be boosting your cardio health and lung capacity too. 

Getting off the bus a few stops early will still help. Brisk walking should raise your temperature and heart rate slightly, but if you want to monitor the amount of walking you're getting on your commute download the NHS Active 10 app

Give your back a break

woman raising arms to stretchGet up from your chair at least hourly; many people get up to give their eyes and back a rest every 30 minutes. Head for the stairs to get the muscles moving if you really can't spare any more than a minute, and stand up if you're on a call (join virtual meetings by phone rather than video so that you can move around. It also means you won't have to do your hair...)

Go for a walk or run at lunchtime, or hop on your bike when you finish at the end of the day. If you're back inside due to the weather or a local lockdown, learn more about exercises for those with health conditions or use the free ideas below - just remember to start slow and stre-e-e-tch.

Safe & easy exercises for homebound workers

Video workouts for virtual workers (or just bored adults...)

You may also want to check out a free 14 day trial to stream, cast or download Les Mills video workouts 

Get with the programme!

basic exercise equipmentAn app that's received good reviews  is the Nike Training Club.  If you know the sort of thing you're after you get to choose duration, intensity and any equipment you have to hand ('none' is an option!). You then get a fitness programe that fits around your schedule. The 'Start Up' plan is a good place for beginers. 

If all that lycra on display on the Nike site is offputting or you're just not sure what you want to do, try the CoachAi at Home virtual companion.  Once you've given it your goals it'll come back with some free suggested workouts and how often you need to do them, and makes use of Facebook Messenger to provide the odd 'nudge' to help your motivation.


Challenge a 'buddy' to a mini marathon of fitness - virtually

mayathon logo smallThe free Mayathon app was created just in time for the situation we're currently facing. You choose anyone you know to buddy up with as you help each other to complete 26 minutes of (any) exercise a day, for at least 26 days. The beauty of it is that you don't even have to be physically with them to share updates.


Free trial apps

Curious to try something completely new?  London Sport have collated a list of free trials from tech startups and online providers who can offer something new during the CVD-19 outbreak.