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We can provide you with several levels of support - you can do an online search yourself  or contact us with your specific funding enquiry and we can search our more comprehensive database and discuss your funding needs in more depth.


Active Surrey Funding Guide

The Active Surrey Funding Guide gives details of some key local funding sources along with local advisers and sources of help for talented athletes.

Active Surrey Funding Advice and Tips


The Elite, Surrey-wide scheme was stopped in 2019, but there are still other potential sources of financial support for talented young athletes from the county.

Surrey Playing Fields

Surrey Playing Fields supports local clubs with grants (up to £1,000) and loans (up to £40,000). They also offer bursaries to young athletes in elite sport and coaches (up to £250), aged between 10 and 20 years old who need a helping hand to improve in their chosen sport.

You can read more on Surrey Playing Field's grant page, and / or speak to the borough sports development officer at your local borough or district council.

Waverley Fundraising

Community groups and organisations in Waverley can now access a new website, Waverley 4 Community, which has information about funding available.

Visit Waverley 4 Community

Search for funding

Funding Central, a subscription based guide to over 4,000 grants, offers you the chance to search yourself for the most appropriate funding stream for your project.

You can also follow us on Twitter and email us to be added to our club and coach newsletter mailing list to be sent news of selected funding sources as they arise.

Good News Stories

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