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Surrey Physical Activity Strategy

2020 Vision

The 2015-20 Surrey Physical Activity Strategy set the ambition for Surrey to be the most active county in England and reduce inactivity by 1% every year.  Partners from a wide range of sectors worked to increase participation rates in the whole population, but with particular focus on targeting inactivity in under-represented groups to reduce health inequalities.

activity levels by borough thumbnailThe latest statistics show that we are on course to achieve our objectives.  Working with partners, our work has contributed to the recent set of excellent Active Lives Survey results from Sport England, which shows Surrey as the second most active - and the least inactive - county in England.  (For the Surrey picture by borough, see our summary  of the local results from the last three years).   

However, there are still too many residents not exercising enough to benefit their health which has huge implications, not only for them, but also our local schools, employers, health services and hospitals. There is still more work to be done.


2030 Vision

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By 2030 the Surrey Health & Wellbeing Strategy will help to deliver the Community Vision for Surrey by:

  • Helping people in Surrey to lead healthy lives
  • Supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of people in Surrey
  • Supporting people in Surrey to fulfil their potential 

As the lead agency for physical activity development in the county, Active Surrey is delighted that physical activity has been recognised as a key solution to the complex health issues affecting residents.  Getting more people more active more often by adopting a whole system approach is a key part of the long term Surrey Community Vision and the Surrey Health & Wellbeing Strategy.  

To build this whole system approach, part of our role is to facilitate conversations and gain partner insight, ideas and collective buy-in to develop and deliver the next iteration of the Surrey Physical Activity Strategy. 

From January 2020 we will be organising a series of discussions to find ways of overcoming participation barriers for priority groups. These will form the basis of our consultation on a new, even more ambitious Surrey Physical Activity Strategy for the next decade.

(a) Thematic Events

The thematic events will look at the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy priority groups (and how the whole system would need to work to increase these groups' physical activity levels).  We will partner with a key agency and ask leading deliverers to showcase their best practice work to start conversations about what more we could do.

The following priority groups and suggested dates / indicative partners are proposed:

Mental Health (14 Jan 2020)
   - Surrey & Borders Partnership, CCGs, Sport in Mind, Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN), Richmond Group, etc.

some priority groupsCarers (Feb 2020 TBC)
   - Surrey Heartlands, SCC, Action for Carers, Carers in Sport, etc.

Long Term Conditions / musculoskeletal (Mar 2020 TBC)
   - Surrey Coalition for Disabled People, health partners, etc.

Adults with learning disabilities (Apr 2020 TBC)
  - Surrey Inclusive Activity Network, Surrey Choices, etc.

Children with SEND (date TBC)
   - Surrey Special Schools Association, SCC, Para Games partners, etc.

Vulnerable adults (date TBC)
   - Homeless charities, prison service, addiction services, etc.

Deprivation (date TBC)
   - The Family Weight Management Programme will drive a lot of the insight/ideas but we will also hold a separate event looking to work with the SCC family / care leavers’ services, the Surrey Equality & Diversity Network, boroughs and districts etc. 

(b) Strategic Groups

Surrey Sports Development Officers Forum (15 Jan 2020).
   - Bs&Ds, NGBs, Active Surrey.

Leisure Operators Forum (29 Jan 2020)
   - Places Leisure, GLL, Everyone Active, Achieve Lifestyle, Fusion, Freedom Leisure.

Surrey Senior Leisure Officers Group (11 Mar 2020)
   - SCC, Bs&Ds, Active Surrey, Surrey Arts.

Surrey Parks & Countryside Forum (March 2020 TBC)
   - Bs&Ds, SCC, National Trust, Surrey Wildlife Trust, RSPB, etc.

Surrey Planners Group (date TBC)
   - SCC, Bs&Ds.

Transport agencies (date TBC)
   - SCC, Bs&Ds, Sustrans, etc.

Get Involved

This list is not exhaustive but is indicative of the breadth and depth of opinion that we are looking to understand to help shape the priorities of the Surrey Physical Activity Strategy.  As Sport England are also currently shaping their 2021-25 Strategy, there will be an opportunity to feed into that process through the Surrey consultations. 

If you are an Active Surrey partner and would like to be involved in any of these discussions, please contact Active Surrey’s Head of Strategic Relationships, Lawrie Baker.

Once initial views are gathered we will be inviting responses from a wider audience of Surrey residents. This is likely to be from late summer 2020.


Further info: the wider landscape of sport