Active Surrey Board


About the Board

The Board guides the work of Active Surrey (the Partnership) and has a clear mandate to ensure Surrey achieves a lasting legacy from major sporting events. Its role is to provide:

Strategic Leadership & Planning: Providing clear direction for sport and physical activity in the county through the production of a Partnership strategy and business plan which motivates, inspires and drives partners.

Advocacy: Promoting the benefits of sport / physical activity and the Partnership locally, regionally and nationally, as well as helping secure additional resources.

Partnership Building: Opening doors for sport and for the Partnership, attracting new partners and ensuring partner commitment and satisfaction.

Accountability: Managing performance and ensuring implementation and continuous improvement of Partnership strategies and business plans.

Good Governance: Ensuring the Partnership meets appropriate standards of governance and manages risk appropriately.

The Board is supported by and works closely with the Partnership's Managing Director and Management team and is supported by a number of stakeholder and working groups through which the work of the organisation is developed and implemented. The Board and its committees are bound by agreed Terms of Reference, a Code of Conduct and a Conflicts of Interest Policy.


Board Equity Statement & policies

The organisation is committed to achieving gender parity and greater diversity generally on the Board, reflective of Surrey’s population including, but not limited to, black, asian, minority ethnic (BAME) diversity, disability, age, social class and life experiences.  As a minimum, the Active Surrey Board must have at least 30% of either gender as Members.  The Board will demonstrably take all appropriate actions to achieve and then maintain this.  

Board members

• Richard Gray – Chair of the Board (Independent)
• Born Barikor - (Independent)
• Clare Burgess - (Independent)
• Ian Burrows - Youth Games Lead (Nominated - SSLOG)
• John Cunningham - Senior Independent Board Member, Safeguarding Lead, Finance Lead - (Independent)
• Paul Dimmock - (Independent)
• Elizabeth Duggan - Managing Director, Active Surrey (ex officio)
• Ruth Hutchinson - Health Lead, Older People Lead (Nominated – SCC Senior Staff)
• Abbie Lench – Diversity Lead, Women & Girls Co-Lead (Independent)
• Kerry McDonald – Commercial Lead (Independent)
• Rebecca Trumper – Governance Lead, Women & Girls Co-Lead (Independent)
• Cllr Julie Iles - Education Lead (Nominated – SCC Cabinet)

More information on the Active Surrey Board.

Board roles

Independent and Nominated Board Members are non-remunerated. You can read more about Board Members’ roles below.

Board meetings

The Board meets quarterly at locations across the county. If you are interested in hosting a meeting to showcase your facility, please get in touch by emailing us at

Other plans and policies

Legal status

The Partnership is unincorporated and as such works closely with an accountable body to act on its behalf. Surrey County Council currently fulfils this function as our “Host Authority”. Although Surrey County Council retains certain liabilities and responsibilities, particularly as employer of the Active Surrey Team, it has delegated certain responsibilities and powers to the A.S. Board.

A short history of Active Surrey’s governance 1996-2013