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Physically Active Learning in Surrey Schools (PALSS)

PALSS pledge buttonPALSS is Active Surrey's initiative to help schools make every day a little more active. We're asking all the county's schools to pledge to get their pupils moving more by taking part in one (or more) of the seven focus areas included in the campaign, and in return we'll send you a practical resource pack, all for free.

To find out a little more about PALSS, watch this video from the original launch.



Why get involved in PALSS?

Improved focus
Active bursts can break up periods when children are not focusing or are fidgety.


Improved attainment
Improvements in focus lead to better work.
Not entirely sure that's true? See details of this research from the BBC.


Improved attendance
Children want to learn (and come to school) because the day is more fun when it's


Reduction in sedentary behaviour
Sitting for long periods is responsible for poor health as well as a lack of concentration, even if we are really active at other times. Whatever your age, sitting for too long slows our metabolism and leads to a build up of visceral fat, which can contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Boost to mental wellbeing
Moving more plays a part in improving our mental health, whether it's through the release of endorphins or by joining in activity alongside others.


Ways to get moving

Below are ways that schools across Surrey are moving more:

  • Active Travel –  A coordinated ‘Shop to School Shuffle’ helped one school promote walking, scooting and cycling to work for mums and dads, on top of getting them to walk their children to school
  • Active Assemblies – Standing to sing proved popular - not to mention invigorating - at the Raleigh School and many others.
  • Active Learning - As well as using BBC Supermovers in lessons, Maths on the Move brought a new way to learning shapes for pupils, while finding ways to take learning outside engaged young learners
  • Active Play – From its origins as a planned intervention in C4L Clubs for the least active, PhysiFUN session at break and lunchtimes worked well - especially when taken by young leaders/champions who had been trained to run the sessions. 
  • Active Bursts - Using the well-known Daily Mile to re-energise the body and the brain was as effective as ever, and proved easy to plan on a daily, weekly or occasional basis.
  • Active Staff – from running the Daily Mile to teacher-led yoga and Joe Wicks HIIT classes, staff kept their minds sharp and bodies fit by joining in on SUSS day.

If you want to run your own activity day on a date that better suits you, we’ve produced a handy template that you can use. Feel free to use it, but do remember to pledge so that we can offer you further free PALSS support, and help you get your pupils moving more.


Want to know more? 

Contact Charlotte Long or Ally Reid.