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Volunteers are the lifeblood of grassroot and mass participation sport; as a volunteer in Surrey you'll play a key part in the staging of an event in your area. By being part of a team that really makes things happen, you'll be adding to others' enjoyment and gaining practical experience that future employers will value.

Receive information about volunteering opportunities, by telling us what interests you about volunteering.

"To people who are thinking about volunteering I would say go for it! It's such a great thing to do and the feeling you get from it is amazing! I made some great friends and I would recommend volunteering to anyone."

Upcoming opportunities

To always have news of the latest opportunities see the 'Sports volunteering in Surrey' Facebook page, which is updated regularly (Note: link may not open correctly in Firefox).

Are you looking for volunteers?

If you have a volunteering opportunity that you would like to promote please contact Patrick Culligan, Workforce Officer.

Tel: 07811 838365


Sign up as a volunteer

So you want to give something back and offer to help out at local events on an occasional basis? Great. Log your details and preferences and we'll be in touch when something suitable comes up.


What you should expect as a volunteer

When you start volunteering you should be given certain information about the opportunity as well as details of certain policies and procedures that are in place to support you as a volunteer.

A simple volunteering checklist is available for you to download - use it as a reminder of what your expectations should be as a volunteer and to check if they are supporting you correctly. Download the volunteer checklist.



Time commitment

• The event you're working on will govern how much time you'll spend, but there is often some flexibility around the total hours you'll need to set aside.

Any other questions?

If you have any queries about sports volunteering which are not answered on this site, please feel free to contact:

Patrick Culligan, Workforce Officer, Tel: 07811 838365