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Need volunteers for your event?

If you have a volunteering opportunity that you would like to advertise to our Sport Makers, please complete your details as a 'Provider' and then add your opportunity on the Sport Makers website.

Want to volunteer?

Active Surrey works with clubs, NGBs and other organisations that organise sports events and activities to identify volunteering opportunities. Whether you are new to volunteering in sport, or an experienced volunteer, we can put you in touch with people looking for volunteers.

There are lots of organisations geared to placing volunteers in organisations like sports clubs, and club/organisations themselves should have procedures and people in place to make sure you enjoy your volunteering. In addition, there are award schemes and training opportunities that you can access as a volunteer. Find out more on our Want to Volunteer? page.

Need help and advice?

For quick tips and advice on volunteering and how to develop your skills visit Club Matters. Running sports is funded by Sport England to provide support for volunteers in administration or management roles in sport. From quick online tips and tools, to fun and informative workshops, runningsports will help you get more for yourself, your club / organisation and its members.

Volunteer Centres can help you develop policies/procedures as well as recruit volunteers. To find your nearest Volunteer Centre click here or call 0842 03 44 111.

Any other questions?

If you have any queries about sports volunteering which are not answered on this site, please feel free to contact:

Patrick Culligan, Workforce Officer
Tel: 01483 518962