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After the Games, Join a Club

As part of extending the legacy of the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games we encourage all participants to join a club in their chosen sport. Joining a club gives you access to league matches, as well as providing a great way to meet like minded people, make lifelong friends and feel part of an extended family.

Below is a list of Junior Clubs in Surrey and a link to the National Governing Bodies club finder websites.  Adults and young people alike may also want to check out our Activity Finder for details of sports posted by local clubs in Surrey.

 Sport Junior Club List

 NGB Club Finder


 Badminton England Club Finder


 Boccia England Club Finder


 Amateur Boxing Association Club Finder


 English Cricket Board Club Finder

 Football Girls

 Football Association Club Finder


 Play Hockey Club Finder


 British Judo Club Finder


 English Lacrosse Club Finder


 Please contact leigh.martin@englandnetball.co.uk


 Rugby Football Club Finder


 England Squash Club Finder


 Amateur Swimming Association Club Finder

 Table Tennis

 English Table Tennis Association Club Finder


 Lawn Tennis Association Club Finder