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StreetGames and Doorstep Sport

StreetGames welcomes applications to join in the Doorstep Sport network from those community, youth and sport organisations that share their mission to Change lives, Change communities, Change sport. Click here to find out more or contact: james.gregory@streetgames.org

StreetGames promotes Doorstep Sport – that is sport in disadvantaged communities that takes place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style and at the right price.

You may have heard of StreetGames before, but if not, check out their video:

StreetGames Theory of Change

Doorstep sport projects have a proven track record for introducing young people who live in disadvantaged areas to volunteering in sport. Many doorstep sport projects develop their own volunteers – taking them from ‘participant’ to ‘volunteer’ to ‘qualified sports coach’ - supporting their own doorstep sport sessions.