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"Run to Rio has been really good fun, it is a great idea to get kids active. I think there are definitely some future Olympians in our school."

- Year 5 student from Ottershaw School.

Run to Rio was a countywide initiative that started from the concept of the Daily Mile, started by St. Ninian’s School in Stirling. Four years ago, the school got their children running a mile a day at any point during the school day. The aim was to achieve greater concentraion in class as well as fitness.

Greenfield Run to Rio

Active Surrey packaged this into an easy-to-execute, free and fully sustainable programme for primary schools in Surrey. The challenge marked the 2016 Rio Olympic Games: each school aimed to collectively walk/run the 5,700 miles from Surrey to Rio. It was a 12 week programme which lasted the duration of the 2016 Summer Term.

Run to Rio had huge success: over 110 Surrey Schools took part (35,000 children) and more than half of them made it the full distance to Rio (5,700 miles). Collectively, Surrey has run more than 600,000 miles over Run to Rio's 12 week period. That's the equivalent of running round the world 24 times (24,901 miles) or running to the moon 2.5 times (238,855 miles).

The winning school, Ottershaw, reached Rio and then kept going, running over 22,000 miles over the 12 week period. Their prize was a morning with British Olympic Marathon Runner Mara Yamauchi on Tuesday 12 July. Mara encouraged the children to keep on running and live their dreams, and they got the opportunity to ask questions about Mara's experience.

Find our more about how your School can Run the World, the new Daily Mile initative form Active Surrey.

Ottershaw School Mara Yamauchi

 "Active Surrey are doing a terrific job at keeping the children of Surrey active. They have cleverly adapted the daily mile concept to get thousands of Surrey children running this summer."

- Mara Yamauchi, British Olympic Marathon Runner

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from children, parents and teachers, have shown reported improvements in children's health, attentiveness, wellbeing and happiness.

Horsell Village Reception Class



"Run to Rio has had a particular impact on the children who struggle to sit still. It has really helped them concentrate."

- Year 5 Teacher from Ottershaw School



Active Surrey worked with Premier Sport to offer every Surrey primary school free use of the Golden Mile software which allows them to monitor their distance and progress. 

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