Surrey Physical Activity Strategy

As a county, Surrey is pretty active, in fact the third most active county in England (Active People Survey 8). However, almost 40% of our residents do not move enough to meet health guidelines and this causes huge problems for our communities, our health system and our businesses.

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Just behind smoking, high blood pressure and obesity, physical inactivity is the fourth biggest cause of disease in our population, so we need more coordinated action to change this.


This is why, in conjunction with the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board, all of Surrey’s local authorities and a range of other partners and stakeholders, Active Surrey has produced the new Surrey Physical Activity Strategy.

The strategy offers guidance to strategic leads, policymakers, commissioners and providers on the key approaches and priority groups that partners need to focus on to improve activity levels in Surrey so that residents of all ages and abilities can

Start Moving

Supporting all children and young people to have an active start in life

Move Every Day

Encouraging all adults to build activity into their everyday lives

Stay Moving

Supporting older adults to live longer and more active lives


By 2020 we will achieve:

• 20,000 more adults being active for 150 minutes per week
• 20,000 less adults not being active for at least 30 minutes per week
• 20,000 more adults playing sport once per week
• 20,000 more children and young people in regular sport activities/events

A number of other KPIs will be developed as part of our detailed action planning work.

Everyone has a role to play in increasing levels of physical activity and therefore health and wellbeing – whether in our school, our work, our community or home, as we travel and how we plan and use our built and natural environment. This strategy gives us all a great chance to ensure a real legacy from London 2012.


The implementation of the strategy will be explored further at the Active Surrey Partner Conference in October - we hope you and your organisation will join us then to start delivering this strategy to make Surrey the most active county in England by 2020.

Helyn Clack, Surrey County Council's Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Health, said: "Having been so involved in the successful Olympic events in Surrey, I believe this strategy will play a big part in helping people get or stay active - and perhaps even unearth a future Games gold medallist.

helyn clack endorses strategy

"The county is already rated the third 'most active' in England but, like all sportsmen and women, we want to achieve the best results possible, which is why moving to the top of the rankings by 2020 is our priority."

Read the 2015-2020 Strategy by clicking here.

How it was produced

From October 2014 to February 2015, we consulted with partner organisations online and face-to-face, in 1-2-1 meetings, in working groups and at a conference. From March to July 2015, the strategy was endorsed by the Surrey Health & Wellbeing Board and the 11 Borough / District Councils.

Download conference presentations here
Download consultation findings here

Surrey's Physical Activity Strategy Conference 2015

Download and complete the Strategy questionnaire here