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Personal Best Challenges

This is an opportunity for all your pupils to take part in something that challenges them personally over the 2019-20 academic year, regardless of ability. Rather than compete against others, it gives them an opportunity to test themselves in a way that may initially be unattainable, but can ultimately be achieved through practice and dedication.

We have created a crib sheet of ideas for schools. You can use these challenges or create your own.

Summer Festival PB Challenge Fest

The schools who demonstrate  that pupils have completed at least one personal challenge will be given the opportunity to attend the Personal Best Challenge Fest at the Summer Festival, on 9 July 2020 (evidence required to gain entry will be a photo, video, or score sheet etc).

The PB Challenge Fest is open entry and offered on a first come first served basis. 

N.B. This year we do not require any data such as baseline and improvement scores for your top 5 children.

How to enter

We would like schools to do at least one challenge per term, starting in September (think about School Games Mark/Star Mark applications).

1.    Read and print the crib sheet for ideas and inspiration
2.    Ask your pupils to choose a challenge from the crib sheet or better still, create one of their own (be creative). Can they link a challenge to one of the School Games values?
3.    Start doing personal challenges in lessons, at break/lunch and in after-school clubs.
4.   Download/Print the Active Surrey Personal Challenge spreadsheet so that you can track each child taking part – designated Sports Leaders are great for recording attempts (This is optional.)
5.    Tell us about your pupils' personal challenges! We would love to hear what schools are getting up to. You can send us an email at: or tweet us at @ActiveSchoolsAS.