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Get active 50+ for longer, healthier, happier lives



We lose muscle as we age which is one of the reasons why staying active is vital for longer term health. Raising your heart rate for short periods several times a week can lead to both physical and mental health benefits and help manage many conditions.

While Active Surrey's 'Get active 50+funding has ended there are still sports and physical activities offered by local councils to inspire people to try something new; anything is better than just sitting on the sofa.

If you're an older resident, Get active inspired strength and balance classes are still taking place across the county.

Activities across Surrey

Click on your borough/district below, to find out what activities are happening near you. 

if you can't see what you're looking for, contact the sports development officer at your local council who may be able to help.




Bowls Clubs

Bowls clubs across Surrey often run open days but outside of these times they're always keen to help newcomers. Click on the links to find your nearest club (please note clubs in Spelthorne come under the Middlesex County Bowls Association).

Mens' Bowls Clubs                                                  Womens' Bowls Clubs

Mens' Indoor Bowls Clubs                                       Womens' Indoor Bowls Clubs


Need inspiration to get started?

Think you're too old for something new?  Then take inspiration from this trio, who gave Get active 50+ a go. Talk about This Girl Can; these ladies do:


Otago Strength and Balance Classes

Based on the Otago exercise programme used by health professionals worldwide, these classes for older residents can help you feel stronger, improve your balance and become more mobile - and you can join at any time, subject to availability.

We are adding new course/location details to the table below as soon as we receive them from each borough / district. If your area isn't listed, please contact Mark Sherwood on 01483 519334 for details of any courses near you.

Location Venue Session info


de Stafford
Sports Centre



The River
Bourne Club



Dorking Sports



Epsom Methodist



Bourne Hall



YMCA Redhill


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