Vanda's story


Making a start

I was lucky that my first steps into sport at school were a good experience however I can understand for some it’s not and that’s not helpful. Also the thought of going to the gym may be off putting to some women. Even now I much prefer being outdoors so I’d urge those that feel the gym isn’t a good environment for them to make the start outside enjoy your surroundings and take things at your own pace whatever sport you’re interested in.

Focusing on the benefits sometimes means ignoring other people’s perception

Some people say that sporty girls can’t be feminine but ultimately you will even look better in those girly clothes if you are toned and fit from your chosen activity so just go for it; who cares what others say!


I am motivated by the excitement of competing and the need to keep fit and active. I also enjoy the social aspect of sport participation. I remember initially, around the age of 13, not being so keen on sailing, but then my family joined a local sailing club (the same one I am still a member of) and my brother and I raced for the first time and even did quite well. That was the turning point for me. As well as providing the opportunity to dinghy race, the club was also a great place to socialise as a teenager and to meet other girls and boys outside of school, who shared the same interest. I believe this was a very strong influencing factor which kept me in the sport at the time. logo