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Instant Ping Pong

The Instant Ping Pong roll-net can fit onto almost any table and won't leave a mark! It's a revolution in being able to play table tennis anywhere you want.

Perfect for a lunchtime activity you don't even have to leave the office for. Or liven up the dining table in seconds.

Nets are readily available at


Key contacts

For further information please contact Kieron Pelling, South East Regional Development Officer on 07972 222068 or email

Craig Bryant, Coaching Development Officer, London and the South East on 07930823340 or email 

Top websites

Surrey Table Tennis Association

Please visit Surrey Table Tennis Association's website.

Table Tennis England

Table Tennis England's website also has useful information about competitions and leagues. Visit website.

Coaching and qualifications

For how to get started in table tennis coaching and for a list of courses and development opportunities, please visit Table Tennis England's coaching pages