Let's Ride

Let's Ride is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know to get into ridlng from advice on bike choice and maintenance to city guides and routes near you.

Mountain Biking

Visit the Gorrick website for Surrey-based mountain biking and XC racing events.

Top websites

British Cycling

For further details about getting involved in competitive cycling and reports from races around the country, check out the governing body's site - British Cycling.

Triathlon comes under a different governing body - visit

Coaching and qualifications

For how to get started in coaching and for a list of courses and development opportunities, please visit the British Cycling coaching pages. 

Key contacts

Cycling Regional Development Officer

For further information please contact Luke Anderson, Regional Development Manager, South East, on 07793 660480 or email

Contact Andrew Chaston, Recreation Manager, South East, on 07730 765531 or email